The Wonders About Moms

3 March 2019

Sometimes people say “I don’t know how your mom does it.” Well, sometimes I don’t know how she does it either. I never once look up at one of my games and never not see my mother sitting there cheering me on the whole time. She never fails not to support me or my brothers in anything we chose to do. Not to sound like my dad doesn’t do much, because he doI always wonder, how does my mom do it? How does she raise three kids and balance everything else she has going on in life? How does she lose her dad and still continue living the happy wonderful life? My mom inspires me in so many ways and has made such a huge impact on my. That lady is someone who I will always look up to.

es more than I could ever express. My mother though has lost her dad, had a job change, and we have moved. All of this happened over a short four year time span. Guess who stayed the strongest through all of this and was the happiest, loving, and most supportive person around? It was my mother. Shes so inspiring.

The Wonders About Moms Essay Example

When me and my brothers have rough times, my mom drops everything and never fails to be there for me or the boys through everything. I wish I could express how strong of a woman my mother can be when she needs to be at times, even at her weakest moments, she is still strong. She has such a wonderful heart and would do absolutely anything for anyone. I pray nothing more that I follow in her footsteps and one day become nothing but like my mother.

One day, for example, my mom had such a horrible day with work, and I came home from cheer really upset, and my brother had also had a baseball game that night. Needless to say, my mom was there to comfort me through my problems and guide me down the right path and also find time to go watch my brother play. She never finds a way to make anything about herself.

When people ask how my mom does what she does, I have to sit back and ask myself how she does it. My mom is such a strong, loving, open hearted, independent woman. She loves her life even when nothing is going her way. She smiles through all of her pain, and all I have ever prayed for is to be nothing like my mom when I grow up.

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