The Work of Andy Warhol

4 April 2015
A paper which examines the works of American artist Andy Warhol and what makes his art so popular.

An examination of the art of Andy Warhol and the reasons his work is so well-known. The paper explores his methods of production – mostly silk screen printing – and his ‘series’ – producing several images of a certain subject. The paper discusses how Warhol, in his various struggles to create art, was attempting to redefine and popularize American art by making it commercial and also by making the focus upon commercialism in his art a comment upon society.
“Warhol’s art blurs the relationship between what comes first, the reality or the image. More and more people construct their lives around what they see on television. Warhol, in his own work, From a to b and Back Again, that: A whole day of life is like a whole day of TV. (Warhol 5) Both, he says, are never ending and never shut off. The never-ending nature of life, Warhol also made use of in his epic, virtually unwatchable films. The intention by making such long films as Warhol did was to suggest that rather than art trying to change and reinterpret life, art should reflect life and be as much like life as possible. As life is no longer interior and private and personal, art should also be exterior public and impersonal.”
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