Leader’s Responsibilities Type of Situation Technical or Routine Adaptive Direction Define problems and provide solutions Identify the adaptive challenge and frame key questions and issues Protection Shield the organization from external threats Let the organization feel external pressures within a range it can stand Orientation Clarify roles and responsibilities Challenge current roles and resist pressure to define new roles quickly Managing Conflict Restore order Expose conflict or let it emerge Shaping Norms Maintain norms Challenge unproductive norms Give the work back to employees

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Leaders today, particularly the management, must know how to support their employees ratner tnan control tnem IT tney want to galn tne necessary advantage In adapting in the changing environment of the industry. They have to change the perception of employees that it is in the leader’s responsibility that would help them succeed.

Members of the organization have to take responsibility in order for them to realize that they themselves have the tools and skills necessary to perform the tasks and when these elements are synthesized with other members of the organization, it ould set a foundation of adapting through the changes and overcoming the trepidations and gaps that the organization is experiencing. Protect leadership voices from below Leaders must not silence the voices of everyone in the organization.

Some members of the organization might have some ideas or problems concerning the organization that only a few people know about. Although these issues, when raised have the potential of derailing the strategies implemented and the relationship established in the organization, it is necessary to be raised upon discussions and be heard veryone so that they may identify the gaps and improve the system inside the organization.

It will also help the organization to be more keen and aware of the issues that could bring harm in the organization’s culture and the overall strategy to meet the goals of the organization. Leadership as learning Leaders continue to consider treating the adaptive situations as if they were technical and this builds a bankruptcy of leadership having a vision and being aligned. Leaders fail to execute these strategies eventhough they are considered great.

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It is necessary that leaders of every part of the organization even above or below, practice leadership everyday. Challenges are faced all the time and it is in the leader’s hands to engage others to face the problems they face by learning new things, changingtheir views about the issues influencing and affecting them, and adjusting their values with the current situation. Leaders dont have to wait for the problems to come to them. They must have the initiative to take on the responsibility and address the problem by engaging others to do the same.

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