The world around me

6 June 2017

Inside this lonely room I am looking out the window, seeking the attention of this unresponsive world. I am really surprised of how Television can be so amusing. Sitting on the dining table, I looked out by surprise witnessing these young kids playing in the rain then thought to myself, I grew up too much. Playing soccer in the house is what I live for and always do. By myself dribbling the ball forward and backwards, there and back, it’s the most amazing way to kill time and to use your imagination to play. Drifting left and right, I found myself, screaming with pain because I Just hit the side of a wall with my pinky.

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I fell to the ground laughing and crying with pain. On the walls of my house are these special posters around describing who my family really meant and was about. As I looked up to the sunlight in the sky, I almost gone blind, but the clouds saved me covering the sun and hiding behind this cool abstract, looking everywhere for the moon. I found myself searching really hard the at last I found it hiding behind the trees near my house. I thought to myself that IVe found two day stars, the sun and the moon, then I smiled. I witnessed the moon rising up from the horizon as day fell and night came. Looking at the moon,

I desired to go up to the moon to be as free and the early bird in the sky. Then as day came I woke up looking at the outside the window. I saw the sun, shining its rays onto the crisp leaves of fall, making the leaves look more orange and attractive that it already was. Then again looking at the heavenly planets of the night, I was able to spot Saturn, I saw many stars, and wasn’t able to recognized it so I promised myself that I would follow up on astronomy the following year. I continuously can’t stop thinking about stars, so I follow the new on stars and how the U. S searches for any Methane/life forms on other nearby planets.

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