The World As I Found It( Bruce Duffy )

4 April 2015
Reviews biography of 20th Cent. Austrian philosopher, focusing on personal relationships & influence of Bertrand Russell.

Review of Bruce Duffy’s The World As I Found It.
The title of Bruce Duffy’s book suggests the path Duffy will take to illustrate the life and times of the intellectually curious Ludwig Wittgenstein. The title suggests a pre-existing world community into which Wittgenstein enters, and this is indeed how Duffy chooses to introduce and explore the temporal characteristics and intellectual attributes of the world in which Wittgenstein lived and on which he left his mark.

Ludwig Wittgenstein was born in 1889 in Vienna, Austria. His father, Karl Wittgenstein was a wealthy steel magnate who also patronized the arts. He fathered seven children with his wife, Poldy, of whom Ludwig was the youngest. Although the family’s heritage was Jewish, the Wittgensteins had been baptized Protestant and Catholic. The children were baptized in to..

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