The World Of Christianity Essay Research Paper

The World Of Christianity Essay, Research Paper

The World of Christianity

Christianity was founded by Jesus of Nazareth about 4 BCE. Jesus was said to

have been born in Bethlehem, during Herod & # 8217 ; s reign. So they started the Christian

calendar shortly after and started with twelvemonth 1. The nazarene and his 12 apostles traveled from topographic point

to put instruction and healing. When the Sanhedrin heard of Jesus & # 8217 ; s instructions about he,

being the Jesus, & # 8220 ; The Son of God, & # 8221 ; he condemned Jesus to decease. Pontius Pilate

overseen the executing. Jesus was crucified shortly after on a cross where he died.

Christian religion is found about everyplace in the universe today. It accounts for

about tierce of the universe & # 8217 ; s population. Christianity originated in the country around

ancient Palestine and spread from at that place. By 300 CE the faith had spread throughout

the Mediterranean Sea, making to all seashores. The more dumbly populated countries being

Carthage, Ephesus, and Constantinople. Some think it had spread so good because it was

so easy to encompass. There were non any myths, merely a existent individual with great moralss.

Christianity broke into several different faiths and denominations. It started

all with Christianity and in 1066 AD it split, dividing into the Roman Catholic and the

Eastern Orthodox churches. After that the Eastern Orthodox branched into Protestantism

and that had 3 distinguishable subdivisions: evangelical, Reformed churches, and episcopate. The

Roman Catholic besides had a clip of reform and it branched out every bit good. Today there are

tonss of faiths that had branche

d off of Christianity.

The basic beliefs of the Christians have been practiced for centuries. Possibly the

greatest belief, The Bible, and the 27 books that make up the New Testament. They

believe in godly creative activity, and an increased accent on God the male parent. God is the

foundation of the Christian faith. Besides the beliefs that all work forces are created equal, and

belief in the Bible. They believe in first God, so Jesus, and so the Holy Spirit.

This is called Arianism, or the Three. The belief that God had created heaven and Earth

and Christ, his boy, in the power of the holy spirit. Jesus had died so all worlds could travel

to heaven, ageless life. They believe in baptism, as a manner to accept God as the one true

God. There are tonss and tonss of beliefs, each denomination views them in a different manner.

Christian religion was built with the Pope chosen to take. It began with Jesus and the

12 apostles. The first Christians were Jews, and so they were converted to the religion.

Peter founded churches and was the caput of the church in Rome. The bishop of Rome is

the Pope. The Holy Father chooses cardinals, and these are his helpers. They make up

the College of Cardinals. The cardinals elect the new Pope when the place is empty. In

1869, Pope Pius IX assembled the Vatican council. Still the place of the Pope and

council yet today. The bishop is the most of import leader in a big church, he is the

supervisor. The deacons are the most of import in the local churches. Priests give the

ceremonials and conveyed the message of Jesus to the populace.

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