The World of Wiretapping

4 April 2015
This paper discusses in detail the topic of wiretapping: The technology, the methods, the uses, the law and the issue of Internet wiretapping.

The author begins by explaining how the wiretap works and that it is easy to install. The paper continues to discuss in detail the legalities of wiretapping , the issues of personal privacy and the conflict between the needs of law enforcement and the individual’s rights.

Table of Contents

What is Wiretapping?
History of Wiretapping
Is Wiretapping An Invasion of Privacy?
Who Uses Wiretapping?
State Laws Concerning Wiretapping
Why Is There a Need for Wiretapping?
The Need for Change in Laws Concerning Wiretapping

There are several types of bugs in the market today. First, there is the bug. It is a device that is placed in an area that can intercept any communication and conducts it out of that area to a listening post. The eavesdropper doe not have to be very far away or miles away depending on the bug they use.

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