The World Trade Center: Media, War and Ethics

4 April 2015
An in-depth examination of the role of the media in portraying the news. Particular emphasis is given to ethics and levels of accountability.

In this 15 page paper the author takes a look at the attacks on the World Trade Center. He begins the examination by looking at how the media dealt with the event and the effect that this has had on people ? was it really necessary to show so much detail? Was the media coverage sensationalizing? The author moves on to examine the ethics of reporting and looks at the various debates that are currently going on concerning this issue. The author concludes with a specific look at the way the media works during times of war and makes reference to the Gulf War, The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict and Afghanistan and talks of the media acting as a visual conduit.
From the paper:

“Who can forget the graceful turn of the massive jet as it turned to slam into the second tower, and the massive fireball that plumed outward? There are some pictures that change the world, like the photograph of Kim Phuc at My Laia little girl in flames and running. The image of Americans leaping to their death from the upper floors of the towers is like that, and the chilling choreography of their free fall was captured on film as they plummeted to their death rather than endure the agony of burning up.”

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