The World Turned Upside Down Essay Research

8 August 2017

The World Turned Upside Down Essay, Research Paper

When the Europeans established settlements in the New World, they sought

to change over the Indians manner of civilisation. Their compulsion was to

spread Christianity and their civilization throughout all of the settlements

including the Indian small towns. Some Indian people accepted these

traditions because they felt as if they had no where else to turn. When

the colonists invaded the new land they brought with them many diseases

which wiped out many Indian small towns and folks. The Indians besides had a

difficult clip demuring the invasions on new districts, which led to many

wars. This resulted in a big lessening of the Indian population, so

some American indians turned to Cristianity and other European traditions. On

the otherhand, many Indians insisted that European beliefs should be

merely amongst themselves. They had no concern seeking to present a new

faith when the Indian & # 8217 ; s traditions have been practiced for old ages.

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The Indians during this clip were forced to accept the Europeans

set uping new districts, even if they did non belong to them. As

the Indian populations continued to diminish, some American indians intermarried

with the Europeans and even the Africans to seek and hike the population

one time once more. This of class produced assorted kids who were confused

and could non make up one’s mind which civilization they would accept. This mix of

people changed the ways of life for the Native Americans every bit good as

the Europeans throughout early America.

It is obvious to me that land was the largest ground for war among the

American indians and the Europeans. It was simple: the Indians did non desire to

give up their land that they had claimed for so many old ages to a clump of

irrogant colonists who take what of all time they want. The English felt that

God had granted them the land and the Indians should be removed.

However, the Native Americans besides wanted something from the new

settlers, trade. The American Indians were great huntsmans who collected

many pelts that were valuable trade merchandises. After clip some Indian

folks grew in debt with the colonists and the lone manner they could pay

their debts is by giving them land. That is where the Europeans and the

Indian & # 8217 ; s attitudes differ over land. The Indians were willing to

sometimes negotiate about certain districts, where most of the

Europeans were traveling to take the land whether the Indians were traveling to

cooperate or non. Battles frequently broke out when larger Indian folk

felt they could contend for their land. Sometimes they were able to

get the better of the English in conflicts, but most of the clip they were out

numbered. During this clip the English were really greety. The King was

giving off land that did non even belong to him, and did non care that

he was diminins

hing the population of the American Indians in the


Native American addresss, letters, and sentiments have given historiographers a

really good apprehension of what life was like when the settlers were

set uping new land. Many of the Indian & # 8217 ; s letters were understandings to

land packages ( workss ) in exchange for goods. This supports the thoughts I

stated earlier about the importance of trade with the Europeans.

In different Indian communities trade became a necessity and really

destablized their ability to fend for themselves. The Indians turned to

the English for guns and ammo to kill their cervid and American bison.

Some besides turned to alcohol, trusting that it would wipe out some of their

jobs. The leaders of certain folks would put fault on the white

people for doing them unstable. Through addresss, letters, and sentiments

historiographers are able to unknot the truth and find what, when, and

why the settlers did what they did to the American Indians. For United

States history in general, these beginnings of information show us the

importance of the land. To set up a successful settlement, one must hold

H2O, and descent dirt for farming. This is everything the English

wanted and what chased the Indians off the land. The settlers were the

laminitiss of industry and authorities. Written paperss show how the

settlers began mining, agriculture, and mills. They were besides the first

to put up an elective legislative organic structure, a system similar to the one we

still utilize today.

Documents that were written by the Europeans about Native Americans

would explicate why the English did what they did. They likely wouldn & # 8217 ; T

do themselves out to be every bit aggressive as the Indians might propose.

They would back up themselves as independent colonists doing their life

the lone manner they knew how. I & # 8217 ; m certain some paperss would province that

the Indians were at mistake for their ain deceases. Addresss by the Indians

would besides likely exaggerated how evil the white work forces truly were, and

that they had no rights to any of the land they landed on. Restrictions

on the Indian pacts would explicate that the Indians had no other

alternate but to give their land to the white adult male in exchange for

goods. Last records incorporating unwritten traditions of the Native

Americans would connote that they were taken off and replaced with the

beliefs of the Englishmen.

The Native American Indians and the English colonists faced many

adversities throughout this period of history. The Indians were faced

with invasions of their land and the colonists were faced with saluatary

disregard. These historical events that took topographic point 100s of old ages ago

formed the United States today. These events can besides do one

appreciate life in this state in 1999.

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