The XYY Syndrome Essay Research Paper subject

8 August 2017

The XYY Syndrome Essay, Research Paper

The XYY Syndrome Essay Research Paper subject Essay Example

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Syndrome is a rare familial upset which affects males due to an excess Yttrium


Healthy males have 46 chromosomes including one Ten and one Y chromosome. Work force

with XYY syndrome have 47 chromosomes, two of which are Y chromosomes. It

is non known why the excess Y chromosome occurs. The upset is present at

birth and is estimated to happen in one out of every one thousand unrecorded births.

In really rare cases, the syndrome has been passed from male parent to boy, but

in most instances heredity can non be established.

The features of

XYY syndrome are frequently really elusive and do non bespeak and serious chromosomal

upset. Therefore, males with this status are often undiagnosed

or misdiagnosed. The primary symptoms include tall or really tall tallness which

becomes apparent at the age of five or six, and terrible cystic acne during adolescence.


than mean intelligence and/or behavioural jobs, such as an explosive

pique, aggressive or noncompliant actions, or sometimes antisocial behaviour are

other symptoms. Some persons with this upset may besides hold linguistic communication

troubles or psychosexual jobs. XYY Syndrome is frequently undiagnosed until

trials for other medical grounds are performed. Other than being


tall and/or holding behavioural jobs, in many instances, these male childs or work forces appear


Physical features of XYY Syndrome may include an exceptionally

long caput with a somewhat protrusive brow, long custodies and pess, long ears,

mild indenture of the sternum, and/or big dentitions. Poor thorax and shoulder

musculus development is besides common. Even though males with this syndrome are

big, they tend to be weak and uncoordinated. Some may hold a all right intentional

shudder, such as agitating custodies when the attempt to imbibe a glass of H2O. Occasionally,

a bony formation across the articulations in the two castanetss of the forearm ensuing

in the stiffening of the affected articulations may happen. Other occasional symptoms

are undescended testiss, a little phallus, or an gap located on the bottom

of the phallus.

For a long clip it was thought that XYY Syndrome persons

had aggressive inclinations frequently associated with condemnable behaviour due to the

excess Y chromosome. Epidemiologic surveies suggest that one out of every

35 institutionalised male juvenile delinquents has XYY Syndrome. However,

it is now believed by some research workers that this behaviour is non due to the

excess Y chromosome, but instead to the lower than mean intelligence and instruction

degrees of these work forces. More research is needed to understand the function of this

chromosomal abnormalcy on behaviour.

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