The Yanomamo and Cross-Cultural Marriage

4 April 2015
An introduction to the South American Indian tribe, the Yanomamo and and an exploration into their customs, including their system of cross-cultural marriage.

A paper which examines the Yanomami people – a remote tribe in the Tropical Forest on the border between Venezuela and Brazil. The paper shows their customs and culture and focuses on their system of cross-cultural marriage which follows a bilateral cross-cousin marriage system. The paper also discusses Napoleon A. Chagnon, a young American ethnographer who brought the knowledge of Yanomamo ethnography to the world.
“The practice of infanticide is practiced in their culture. This is one of the reasons why there are more males than women. If a female is born she is killed at birth. They feel that women are inferior. Some Yanomamo women kill their infant because they fear the wrath of their husbands for having a female baby. The Yanomano may choke the baby with a vine, suffocating the infant by placing a stick across her nose, or slamming her against a tree. ”

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