The Yellow Wallpaper What The Hell Essay

8 August 2017

The Yellow Wallpaper: What The Hell? ? ? ? Essay, Research Paper

The Yellow Wallpaper: What The Hell? ? ? ?

The Yellow Wallpaper does nil but confound me. It seems to be about

a high strung, mentally sick adult female who is obsessed with decomposing wallpaper. This

xanthous wallpaper obsesses her so much that she begins to mistrust everyone, even

her hubby. She is terrified that person will take her wallpaper or happen out

more about it than she knows.

One point I found interesting is that she sees a adult female behind bars

seeking to acquire out in the form of the wallpaper. This might be the lone thing

in this narrative that made sense to me. The form with the adult female seems to be

related to the manner she is being treated by her hubby, John. John is really

protective of her married woman because she is in all world a really ill adult female. She

feels trapped because of this and the manner she sees the paper must be an

indicant. She stays up tardily at dark and hours on terminal during the twenty-four hours to gaze

at worthless, tattered, xanthous wallpaper.

This narrative truly bored me to decease. All I could believe of was, & # 8220 ; when is

this narrative traveling to be over? & # 8221 ; I remember holding a extremely active imaginativeness as

a kid but this is pathetic. She sees mushrooms shooting and adult females agitating

bars and she & # 8217 ; s a in-between aged adult female. The last clip I of all time saw anything close to

that was when I was 10 old ages old and I saw G.I.Joe & # 8217 ; s creeping up and down my

walls at dark. I don & # 8217 ; t understand this adult female behaviour nor have I of all time

experient anyone in existent life who acted this manner.

John & # 8217 ; s married woman is non an abused adult female. She is really good taken attention of and

loved by her hubby, John. The writer, Charlotte Gilman must hold some point

to acquire across. However the fact is I don & # 8217 ; t acquire it.

The most eerie thing about the narrative though is that it sounds and reads

merely like a narrative from Edgar Allan Poe. Even though I did non acquire the hidden

significance in the narrative I enjoyed it however.

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