Theater Essay Research Paper Villa Vendidos y

8 August 2017

Theater Essay, Research Paper

Villa, Vendidos, Y Vatos

Actos are contemplations of a Chican @ s experience. Just like most Chican @ s are different from each other, but at the nucleus portion the same value system, so it is with actos. Huerta uncovers the significance of three actos, The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa, Los vendidos, La victima, that portion the subject of Chican @ individuality in the late 20th century. More significantly each drama tries to show what a Chican @ should non be and provides options that are positive. The acto that is most expressed with the Chican @ individuality is The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa.

The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa like other actos by Luis Valdez are political and trade with endurance in El Notre. Unlike the telecasting show, Survivor, Valdez s characters are fighting for cultural endurance while come oning economically. The drama is of Mexican parents seeking to maintain their household together.

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Like most mythology, there are two opponent siblings who transform throughout the acto. Joaquin becomes the modern twenty-four hours Robin Hood, stealing from rich and giving to the hapless. Domingo, on the manus, is el vendido the 1 who deny his Chicano individuality. There are other characters such as the parents, Pedro y Cruz, their other kids Belo, the caput of Pancho Villa, and Lupe. But it is Joaquin and Domingo who represent the two opposing forces that each Chican @ trades with on a regular footing.

Domingo represents an utmost representation of cultural memory loss. Like an old brace of denims that don t tantrum, Chicano individuality I

s like a spirit Domingo is seeking to exorcize. He develops a negative attitude towards his household because they are non Americanized. He believes that his household is defeated and that they need to travel out of the barrio. He tries to promote his female parent to travel out of the vicinity. She insists in remaining put because she knows that the new neighbours will non accept her boy Belo. Domingo in clip becomes Mr. Sunday. He is now a societal worker who speaks largely English. He represents the Chican @ who has forgotten where he has come from. His amnesiatic province is so terrible that he has experienced a cultural leukotomy.

Joaquin is the Chican @ that becomes cognizant of who he is and his predicament in the strategy of things. He experiences unfairness at the manus of the constabulary. Because of the deficiency of nutrient and poorness in EL barrio, he organizes the neighbours to steal from the supermarket. He is arrested and taken to prison to be rehabilitated. When he is released from prison, he is reformed and headless. He represents the Chican @ who fights for societal justnesss but who in clip is arrested or becomes excessively tired to contend. But Huerta says Belarmino the caput of Pancho Villa is the hope for the hereafter or the subjugation of the present. ( Huerta, 59 ) For this hope to digest, the Chicano will hold to acquire organized by uniting the caput of Pancho Villa and the headless organic structure of Joaquin.

Even thought this drama was written many old ages ago, it still has relevancy to many Chican @ s today. Chican @ s still have to fight with who they are in state that looks down upon their cultural values.

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