Theatre, Music and Cinema

8 August 2017

Theatre is a topographic point where you can see a drama staged. It is besides one of amusements.

A theatre consists of two parts: the phase and the hall. They are separated by a drape and the orchestra. Actors and actresses perform on the phase and public the hall, the cavity, the dress-circles, the boxes and the gallery.

If we made up our head to travel to the theater we should travel to the box-office to purchase tickets. Seatings can be reserved beforehand.

There is a theater in our town. On the phase of this theater you can see such dramas as & # 8220 ; Meetings in Vienna & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; Silva & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; The Princess of Circus & # 8221 ; and others. The theater is really popular in the South of Russia. In jumping the histrion of this theatre played on the phases of Moscow. There are many gifted histrions in the theater and some of them are known all over the part.

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They are Molchanova, Zaiseva, Smirnov, Aliev and others. I have seen the drama & # 8220 ; Mister X & # 8221 ; and I liked it really much.

But we are to acknowledge that theater is non so popular now as it used to be. There are many people who prefer to sit comfortably in forepart of the Television

and bask themselves without go forthing their places.

Normally we see movies either in the film or on Television. But from clip to clip I go to the film. My favourite movie is & # 8220 ; Romeo and Juliet & # 8221 ; . The Italian manager Franco Zeffirelli, produced a chef-d’oeuvre in this version. The costumes are superb, the histrions are fantastic, the music by is perfect, and the lines are delivered attractively. The film starred Leonard Whiting ( a British histrion, who played Romeo ) and Olivia Hussey ( Juliet ) . They were immature when they filmed the Classic, 17 and 15 old ages, creditably. This film is one of the most realistic readings of William Shakespeare ‘s Tragedy.

It is hard to populate without music. We hear music everyplace: in the streets, at place, over the wireless, on Television, in the Parks & A ; in concert halls.

We can & # 8217 ; t live without music. We like to listen to music, we play musical instruments.

Music reflects people & # 8217 ; s temper & A ; emotions. As for me I enjoy several musical manners: dad, stone, blame, electronic and others. But I dislike metal, difficult stone, state and blues.

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