Their Eyes Were Watching God Book

7 July 2017

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Their Eyess Were Watching God: Book Review Essay, Research Paper

Book Review Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston was set in Florida in the late 1930 s. The chief character, Janie, is a black adult female in a clip when racism was outstanding, though this isnot the focal point of the narrative. It was more about her personal victory as a adult female who was born ofa white male parent and a black female parent. Her female parent was raped and left shortly after she was born, seting her in the attention of her grandma. Her first hubby, Logan Killicks shows her noattention or love from the beginning of their matrimony. Janie is married to him at a really youngage, and does it because it is what her grandma has told her to make, and non because it is whatshe wants to make. She shortly leaves Logan for Joe Starks. The two move to a little town whereJoe, whom she calls Jody, is the city manager. They open up a little general shop and are able to enjoythe finer things, such as fancy ptyalizing pots, because they are so outstanding in their town. After awhile though, things change between the two. Joe becomes genitive, coercing Janie to whereher hair up, and finally he tells her she is old and no 1 will desire her due to his insecuritieswith turning older. Even when Joe is on his decease bed the two are unable to accommodate theirdifferences, so when Joe dies, Janie s sorrowing period is non long, though she pretends it is to keepthe people of the town happy. Her following and concluding hubby, Vergible Forests, whom she lovinglyrefers to as Tea Cake is the hubby she finally finds love with. Through their battles, TeaCake loves Janie, as she does him, and he is the merely of the three hubbies that she uses the termlove in mention to. One of the subjects of this narrative is love. Janie goes through three different relationships and isfinally able to happen felicity with the last 1. Besides, strength is another subject of this book. Shehas the strength to walk off from one matrimony and take portion in another even though the peopleof her town have a alert oculus on her because they do non believe she has mourned long plenty.

Several times in the narrative she sta

nds up to her husbands. For example, after enduring endlessridicule from Joe, she finally has the encourage to tell him that he needs to look at himself becausehe is far from perfect. This is a sign if strength for a woman of this time period. Another theme,although not a main one, was the issue of racism. Several times the word nigger is used, and onewoman particularly, Mrs. Turner, thinks that she is better than everyone because although she isblack, she has white features. The characters in this book are what made it so great. They spoke in a certain dialect whichmade the book more believable. Also, the author used a lot of symbols. In the beginning, shecompares Janie with a blossom because she is becoming a woman just as the blossom is becominga flower. Also, she compares a rabid dog with death because, although it did not kill her, it waswhat ultimately killed Tea Cake. The plot of the story was also wonderful because instead of aJanie being a character who the reader pities because she is a black oppressed woman, she is onethe reader can look up to and respect for her strengths and triumphs. There was not anything about this book I would change. The ending was sad, but that madethe story seem more believable. The reader was able to accompany Janie through the hardships ofher life, but also enjoy the good times with her. This is why anyone who enjoys learning a littlehistory while at the same time sharing in the heartbreak and happiness of an interesting charactershould read this book. Historically, it painted a vivid, accurate picture of what life was like duringthis time. It also provided an outlook into the social aspects of this time by explaining howwomen and blacks were treated. This is defiantly a four star book. It was historically accurate, interesting and it had many greatquotes and phrases that added to the depth of the book. It gives the reader a different perspectiveon many things because I will never know what it is like to live as a black woman. This bookallowed me to see how it could have been, had I lived back then, and been in Janie s situation. This book should be read and enjoyed by all.

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