Thelonious Monk Essay Research Paper Thelonious Monk

8 August 2017

Thelonious Monk Essay, Research Paper

Thelonious Monk was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on October 10, 1917. He began playing piano when he was the age of five, in New York City, where he grew up. He started as the piano player for the Cootie Williams Orchestra, where he gained celebrity for his melody & # 8220 ; Round Midnight & # 8221 ; , in 1944.

Thelonious Monk was portion of that little but choice group of wind instrumentalists who were responsible for the birth of a new sort of wind & # 8211 ; bebop. In his teens he met Mary Lou Williams, a all right wind piano player who became a womb-to-tomb friend and a major inspiration. By the early 1940 & # 8217 ; s he was playing Harlem nines like Minton & # 8217 ; s and Monroe & # 8217 ; s Uptown House with fellow pioneers Kenny Clarke, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. In the mid 40 & # 8217 ; s he led groups under his ain name, worked with Coleman Hawkins, and was with the Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra for a piece ; but he did non work on a regular basis until the mid 50 & # 8217 ; s when he eventually became recognized for the part he had made to the new wind and started entering some singular albums for Riverside.

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In 1947 Blue Note record signed Monk and recorded him for a few twelvemonth. Then after small other work he recorded a record of Duke Ellington hits in 1955. This served to convey him out of the obscure, and slightly into the chief watercourse of Jazz. Then in1957, John Coltrane was kicked out of Miles Davis & # 8217 ; s set, because of a terrible drug job. As a consequence, the great saxophonist Coltrane joined Monk & # 8217 ; s four. Because of Coltrane & # 8217 ; s presence, people rapidly began to acknowledge Monk as one of the

great stars of Jazz. He signed an extended contract with Columbia records in 1962, and appeared on the screen of Time magazine in1964. He continued to tour through the remainder of the ’60’s, and he played with the “Giants of Jazz” in the early 70’s. In 1962 he began entering for Columbia. During the 60’s he led a four having Charlie Rouse on tenor, a group that recorded and toured extensively. He retired from touring and entering in the early 1970ss. His last recordings were made in Europe in November 1971 while on a ‘Giants of Jazz’ circuit for George Wein.

His piano playing and his composings have oddness about them, a unusual angular shape that is non ever easy assimilated, but pays back dividends for those willing to listen. Many of his recordings are of his ain composings but his intervention of Tin Pan Alley criterions like & # 8220 ; Tea for Two & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; Liza & # 8221 ; , and & # 8220 ; Memories of You & # 8221 ; demo his alone attack to the keyboard.

Monk retired all of a sudden in 1973. He suffered from some kind of mental unwellness which kept him from touring, with the exclusion of a few scarce visual aspects. He died in 1982, at the age of 65. Monk continued to turn in popularity even after his decease. He will ever be recognized as a true person in Jazz music. His ability to give a tune with his ain flair, in add-on to his funky chapeaus and dark glassess will ever be remembered.

Some of Monk & # 8217 ; s greatest recordings:

& # 8220 ; Round Midnight & # 8221 ;

& # 8220 ; Well You Needn & # 8217 ; t & # 8221 ;

& # 8220 ; Straight, No Chaser & # 8221 ;

& # 8220 ; Epistrophy & # 8221 ;

& # 8220 ; Blue Monk & # 8221 ;

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