Thematic Essay About Belief Systems

Their hubris does not make them evil, but it is dubious whether they can be considered good, Repenting for past wrongs does not erase mistakes, for the effects of these mistakes are not rescinded with an apology. In the story Antigone by Sophcoles, Creon was mistaken of not burying Polynieces because he thought that he was right by creating his own law. However, when Antigone tries to bury polynieces, a dust storm comes and hides her from the guards. It shows that gods are on her side and the dust storm symbolizes that gods are on Antigone’s side because gods believe what Antigone have done is right, burying Polynieces is gods law .

Creon initially rejecting the prophet’s advice to yield , subsequently conceded to the wise prophet’s advice, but it was too late. Antigone had hung herself, Haemon had died of his own sword , and Eurydice, his wife had killed herself out of grief. In attempting to prevent disorder. A destroyed man realizing his errors. Creons tragic downfall was the result of his pride, he was consequently forced to live through the plague that he has caused. This example shows that having too much pride is being afraid of something u will lose, because anything could happen to you and you can get punished by the god.

In the story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walter , Dee burns down the house and the reason why was, she did not wanted to live and didnt liked the house, she was the person who thinked a lot more about herself just because she’s more educated, stylish and intelligent than the other people around her,the too much pride she had she thought she deserves more than Maggie and wanted to get the quilts, but Mama takes it and gives it to Maggie. The conflict between Dee and Mama was the quilts.

Dee leaves the house without taking the quilts and without fixing her mistakes that she was made by. It characterizes Dee as a selfish person that has too much pride in her and Maggie as an innocent person. The above example shows that having too much pride is the worse thing and it could lead to different results. Wise person once started ” All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride. ” In other words, All men make mistakes but a good man admits his mistakes and has to overcome his pride .

In the two plays we have been proven on the top above, Creon and Antigone both have the characteristics of tragic heroes but demonstrate those characteristics in different ways and the story “everyday use” we can describe that the reader is impressed with Mama’s courage and defense of Maggie, the daughter who has a deeper understanding of what is important in life than her high and mighty older sister. Unfortunately , people rescind their mistakes too late. Their hubris does not make them evil, but it is dubious whether they can be considered good nor bad.

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