Thematic Response

5 May 2017

As humans, we need to understand that everything has to come to an end. The writers in the movie “Meet Joe Black” exposed this theme by not making us feel sad about death. When you watch this movie, you don’t cry, you understand that Joe has to leave and Bill Parish is going to die. Just like Bill said “There is nothing for sure in life but death and taxes. ” By the way that the writers present the movie, you understand that everything comes to an end Just as the ultimate theme states. Some conversations repeated throughout the story regarding the theme would be the experiences in life.

For example, the Jamaican woman in the hospital wanted Joe to “take her” because she understood it was her time. She even said in the movie that, at one point or another, we are all lonely in the end as Bill Parish expressed when he was talking about his wife dying. She told Joe that she understood she was dying, but you could tell that she was content with the fact of it. These conversations help us understand that once we experience all that life has to offer, that someone, hether it is you or the people you are leaving behind, will be lonely in the end.

Many little themes were portrayed by the characters. Death was obviously represented by Joe Black. Love was seen in the characters Susan, Joe and Parish. It was seen in Susan because she showed Joe how to love, and be loved. Love was seen in Parish because he showed compassion in everyone he met and by the way he showed his love for his daughters and the loss or his wife. Joe clearly showed love by loving Susan. When he wanted to take her with him, he let her go leaving her lonely.

But after he left, as a “present ” he let her have back the young man she had met in the coffee shop whom she had really fallen in love with. The main theme was shown in Bill Parish because he had experienced all that life had to offer for him. He had experienced the Joys in life from the materialistic objects, to the loves of his life, his children and wife. Drew expressed greed. He was trying to take over the company and was using black mail in the process. He did all of this so he could get Parish fired and make more money. All of the characters in this movie had a theme placed upon hem.

The authors of “Meet Joe Black” show theme through action. For example, when Black eats peanut butter for dinner, Susan comments on how Joe likes peanut butter and how it’s the simple things in life that fills up life with happiness. They also show theme when the daughter Allison is trying to get her father to try the cakes for his party. When he finally does, it shows us, the viewers, that love can be expressed in the simplest ways, such as using a little compassion. All the actions that are shown through theme are at the dinners at the father’s house.

The themes that were shown, they were presenting that the little things in life, objects or actions, fill our emotions or show how we express compassion or Jealousy. In conclusion this movie has many little themes placed in it, but the biggest theme we need to understand is that everything has to come to an end. It is conveyed through the writers, the actions of characters and through conversations. From all of this, you can understand that the theme of the movie “Meet Joe Black” is that once everything is done, it has to come to an end.

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