Theme In Antigone Essay Research Paper Antigone

8 August 2017

Subject In Antigone Essay, Research Paper

Theme In Antigone Essay Research Paper Antigone Essay Example

Antigone, by Sophocles, is a drama that has three major subjects. All three of these subjects play a really of import portion in this drama. The three major subjects are fate, love, and pride. Oedipus had killed his male parent, male monarch of Thebes, non cognizing it was his male parent and so took over Thebes. He married Iocaste, queen of Thebes ( his female parent ) , and had four kids ; one was a miss named Antigone. When Oedipus had figured out who he was and what he had done he moved off and cut out his eyes. Iocaste & # 8217 ; s cousin, Creon, had taken over as male monarch of Thebes. He had made Oedipus & # 8217 ; two boies, Eteocles and Polyneices, enemies of each other and they killed each other. Creon denied Polyneices proper entombment because he was an enemy and that where this drama begins.Fate is what had gotten the household of Oedipus where we get down this drama. Fate is why Oedipus had killed his male parent, get married his female parent, and so happen out all about it. Fate so tortured Oedipus and he cut out his eyes. Fate had made Creon new male monarch of Thebes and so hold Oedipus & # 8217 ; boies kill each other. Antigone & # 8217 ; s destiny was to decease seeking to honour her dead brother and be loyal her household. In the first paragraph of the drama it reads, & # 8220 ; My darling sister Ismene, we have had a all right heritage from Oedipus. God has gone through the whole scope of agonies and piled them all on us, -grief upon heartache, humiliation upon humili

ation”. This tells just how bad fate had treated the family of Oedipus. Creon’s fate though was to lose all of his family and live the rest of his life knowing it was his entire fault. In the end of the play Creon says, ” Nobody else to share the blame. Just me… I killed you. I killed you my dear.Love is what had gotten Antigone in this problem. Her love for her brother was so great that she sacrificed her life for the respect that his deserved. Haemon’s love for Antigone had made him kill himself when he found her dead body. Creon’s wife’s love for Haemon had made her kill herself when she found out Haemon had killed himself. In the end because of all this Creon was the one that was denied love.Pride is what had gotten Creon in the mess that he was in. His pride was so great that he couldn’t even admit that maybe he was wrong. In a conversation with his son Haemon, Creon said, “Am I to stand here and be lectured to by a kid? A man of my experience!” This just showed his pride stood in the way of even listening to his own son. Creon’s pride got in the way and because of his pride he ended up losing every thing that he loved.In the end all of these themes were a great benefactor in the outcome of this play, but one stands out as the greatest. Fate had made all of this happen. Fate had made everything happen just as it did. They say you can never change your fate, well after this I know it is true.

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