Themes and Concepts in Lament for a Son

4 April 2015
This paper examines the major theories Wolterstorff has regarding God, and man’s views of death.

This paper is a literary analysis of Wolterstorff?s Lament for a Son, It looks at his theories on God in lieu of the loss of his son in a mountain climbing accident and sees God as a God who fights death, and suffers when people die. Also, he looks at why suffering exists, and how it is a counterpart of love.

From the paper:

In Nicholas Wolterstorff?s ?Lament for a Son,? the author tries to explain the thought processes he experienced throughout the ordeal of his son?s death. When Eric Wolterstorff died in a mountain climbing accident, his father?s life was changed forever, and it is this change and the repercussions that change had that is the focus of the book?s search for truth. Through reflecting on the thoughts and comments of others and comparing them with his own experience, Wolterstorff attempts to convey both his new questions about God, and also the answers that proved true for him.

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An important part of fully processing this text is to examine his questions and his thought processes about those questions in both a moral and theological light, and also give personal reactions to the author?s reasoning and assertions.

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