Themes in Mario Puzo’s The Godfather

4 April 2015
This paper is an analysis of the different themes put forward in Mario Puzo’s novel, `The Godfather.`

This paper examines the structural design of the book, `The Godfather,` by Mario Puzo. The author details how the narrative structure of the novel leads to many of the difficulties that readers of the novel will face. Some of the problems include difficulties in how the author of the novel can make his audience somewhat understanding and sympathetic to the character of Michael Corleone and the violence that is associated with the crime family. The theme of moral conflict and inner turmoil is found throughout the novel and unlike other books about the Mafia it is told solely from the perspective of the criminals, from the inside, not from the outside looking in. The author feels that the manner in which this material is presented forces individual readers to grapple with the questions and disturbing moral issues raised by this novel.

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`The first moral dilemma is the dilemma that frames the narrative or the plot of the book. Don Corleone came to America to continue the family `trade` of crime and yet to become an American success story in a legitimate fashion. However, he is unable, after the war between the different Mafia crime factions takes his appointed successor Sonny, to enable his son Michael to lead the legitimate life the Don wished him to. The Don wished to win social as well as economic legitimacy for his family in America. He wished to life the American dream, although the dream began on ill-gotten gains. He wished to wash his blood money clean.`

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