Themes in Shusaku Endo’s Silence

4 April 2015
Looks at various themes in the novel, focusing on Endo’s theories on strength versus weakness, the role of the church and religious doctrine, and also what it means to be a good Christian in the eyes of God.

This paper focuses heavily on the religious themes that occur throughout the book. The ideas of God suffering with humanity and not simply watching man suffer in silence, of the strong being on par with the weak, and the role of the church as defined by Endo are the crux of this paper. At the end, there is a personal reflection and some questioning which may be of interest and may provide insight or questions.
From the paper:

`Literature often serves as a tool to inspire the reader to analyze their way of thinking on an issue. Shusaku Endo?s Silence is filled with issues and moral dilemma?s which provide valuable opportunities for reflection and thought on a variety of religious questions. These problems are not isolated incidents in the novel, but instead form themes within the novel which are worth extracting for discussion. By looking at two of the more pronounced issues in the book (strong wills v. weak in the eyes of God, true faith v. Christian doctrine), a better appreciation for what this novel has to teach can be obtained.`

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