Theological Studies

2 February 2017

Theological studies for 5 consecutive yrs, I studied E.O. T. C. traditional education like geez language, ancient language implemented in varied manuscripts & holy liturgy. In my previous Theological studies, We studied Greek ,Hebrew And Geez languages and I have earned good grades as well as a profound cognizance so as to exploit or implement my potential for further studies. Presently, Am pursuing my B. A for the second time in Addis Ababa University in Sociology starting from Sept2011 And my G. P. A as a fresh man was 3. 94.

And I need to join M. A program in Sociology, Social work, Public Administration, Theological Studies or any field related to these programs, if I am eligible with Theology undergraduate level. I have contacted Education USA center of USA embassy, Religious leaders, Churches & other organizations in my country for financial aid & informed that they don’t offer financial aid on individual basis by embassies in country, scholarship providing international organizations & universities for M.

Theological Studies Essay Example

A program studies in abroad. I was accepted by Higher academic institutions in abroad, such as Toronto School of Theology( Canada), Charles Darwin Univ& Wollongong univ. (Australia), Tyndale Seminary(Texas), Leicester Univ(UK),but unable to join them on the account of my financial drawback to cover my tuition, living expense & accommodation service I strongly need to join your university in the near future, be it 2012 or 2013. But I do lack financial resources to help my self in covering my xpenses like tuition, living expense & accommodation service fee.

I have no any other option than bothering you to help me in searching financial aid among Ethiopian , Coptic, Syrian , Armenian Orthodox Churches, Greek Orthodox Church , your church or any other humanitarian organization, any philanthropist you may know in your city/ country . I don’t insist in bothering any one to help me by sending money to me but only covering my expenses by paying directly to the university.

And as a rule , a student should display 24,000 up to 30,000 US dollar in his financial bank statement to get his visa issued if he is not lucky to get full scholarship. , which is difficult to think of it. We International students are expected to show bank account which displays that we have sufficient funds to cover tuition, living expense, accommodation service fee & other , but what I can only do is to work in abroad so as to cover some of my expenses, have no fund or sponsor by myself.

Even if You don’t have contact with these entities , I kindly request you either to forward my inquiry to them or to help me only sending their email contact so that I may contact them by my self through their email address. I strongly need your help.

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