Theology Reaction Paper on Hapag

2 February 2017

A Follower and Believer of God In the film that we have watched entitled Hapag (a Joey Velasco video presentation) I saw and witnessed the different lives of twelve different and poor children. Each of their lives has something special in them, for each life has a special awakening message for us and that is, we must be awakened from the fact that we must just not live our lives not thinking and sharing our blessings with others because we are not alone.

Hence, we must not always just consider ourselves first, we must think of others too, because we show that we are good followers and believers of God if we care for others, share our blessings with them and love them, for God is love. For these children, the hardships they have gone through and are going through now are too much. They must not be in that situation because they have done nothing, but for these children who are still young, they are just living their lives the way they wanted to. That is their life from day to day, they are already used to it, but they are already suffering emotionally, spiritually and mentally.But what are we doing about it, we do not even mind them, because we think that nothing can change our society having the rich ones, middle ones and the poor ones. We must change that kind of thinking. People must not be judge according to how many money they have.

After I have watched that film, I felt sad and at the same time guilty. I felt guilty because I felt that I am one of those people who deprive those children with their happiness. I felt that I must do something. I felt sympathy for them. Also, It did not cross my mind that after watching that film, It would have a big impact on me.I realized things that I did not even mind before. I was just focusing on my personal concerns that I did not mind helping those children.

But because of that thinking, I am not living up to what a Catholic Christian ought to do, and that is to do good to my neighbors. Help them. I must show love for them so that they will not feel that they are alone and they will not lose hope and more importantly their faith in God. I remember the part of the film where the poor girl was given teddy bears or toys and not having a second thought, she gave them away.I was touched by what she has done. Even though she could have used those things for her own happiness, she gave them away. She let others have them.

She was thinking of others and not of herself. By that selfless act I realized that I have to be selfless too, just like that girl and be sensitive to the people around me to be a better follower and believer of God. Lastly, I may have a convenient life now compared to them but that does not make me superior to them. We are all equal in God’s eye. We are all children of God. No one is ahead of the other.

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