Theories on Social History

4 April 2015
Examines ideas of Fernand Braudel, James Harvey Robinson, Freud, Arthur Schlesinger & others on human history & social development.

Historians approach the subject of history from different perspectives and interpret their findings according to underlying beliefs, attitudes, methodologies, and even ideologies. Whatever method is used is usually found to be adequate and most correct by the person using it, but an examination of a number of different approaches will show that not all methods are equal and that some methods undercut the writer’s ability to cope with history while other methods suggest a way of delving deeply into the subject and finding the nature of the forces that shape history.

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Theories on Social History
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Fernand Braudel was a member of a school of history developed in a journal the Annales d’histoire conomique et sociale. The view taken in that journal was that a traditional and humanistic view of history could be combined with a method…

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