Theories on Time and Eternity

4 April 2015
This paper reviews the concepts of time and eternity according to the theories of Saint Augustine, Plato, and Aristotle.

This paper discusses in detail and compares theories of Saint Augustine, Plato and Aristotle as related to the concepts of time and eternity. The author believes that the concepts of time and eternity are important philosophical considerations that relate largely to how our universe works and how it was created. The author states that Saint Augustine considered time and eternity from the standpoint of the Christian religion, but Plato and Aristotle looked at the ideas on a non religious level.
“In The Confessions, Saint Augustine offers a history of his own spiritual journey. The entire work, comprised of thirteen books, is told in diary form, with Augustine describing his actions, his thoughts and especially his comments on God, faith and Christianity. The diary is also addressed to God, with Augustine asking God the questions he is seeking answers to.

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The first ten books tell his life story from his childhood, his teenage years and his eventual conversion to Christianity in his thirties. The final three books consider the teachings of God. The eleventh book is the one where Augustine considers time and eternity, discussing each in detail.”

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