Theoritical Framework Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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Theoritical Framework Essay Sample
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A procedure that breaks down informations into record groups for efficient processing. It is a procedure in which information properties within a information theoretical account are organized to increase the coherence of entity types. In other words. the end of informations standardization is to cut down and even extinguish informations redundancy. an of import consideration for application developers because it is improbably hard to shops object in a relational database that maintains the same information in several topographic points. There are three chief normal signifiers. each with increasing degree of standardization:

* First Normal Form: Each field in a tabular array contains different information. A relation is in 1Nf if and merely if all underlying spheres contain scalar values merely. * Second Normal Form: Each field in a tabular array that is non a clincher of the contents of another field must itself be a map of the other Fieldss in the tabular array. A relation is said to be in 2NF if and merely if it is in the 1NF and every non-key property is irreducibly dependent on the primary key. * Third Normal Form: A relation is said to be in 3NF if and merely if it is in the 2NF and all non-key properties are reciprocally independent.

Relational Database
A Database System in which any database file can be a constituent of more than one of the database tabular arraies.
The Study used some methods in order to finish a executable and dependable system. Primary Key
The Field in a database tabular array that is indexed and maintains the chief sequence of the tabular array. It is a cardinal such that the value of the cardinal properties will unambiguously place any tuple in the relation. A relation must non hold more than one primary key. Foreign Key

Is a field or group of field in a database record that point to a cardinal field or group of Fieldss organizing a key of another database record in some tabular array. Normally a foreign key in one tabular array refers to the primary key of another tabular array. This manner mentions can be made to associate information together and it is an indispensable portion of the database standardization. Graphical User Interface ( GUI )

Graphical User Interface is a plan interface that takes advantage of the computer’s in writing capablenesss to do the plan easier to utilize. This will let direct use of the of the graphical representation on the screen. which can be accomplished with keyboard input or a mouse in planing the summational rating of module of STI College Cubao. We will be utilizing simple but user-friendly graphical design. We will utilize artworks. founts. colourss. images. and other characteristic of Visual Basic that would do the system more interesting. Structured Query Language ( SQL )

A linguistic communication used to interrogate and treat informations in a relational database. SQL commands can be used to interactively work with a database or can be embedded with a scheduling linguistic communication to interface to a database. Programing extensions to SQL have turned it into a matured database scheduling linguistic communication. and all major database direction system back up the linguistic communication. Local Area Network ( LAN )

A computing machine web dedicated to sharing informations among several single-user workstations or personal computing machines. each of which is called a node. A Local area network can hold form two to several hundred such nodes. each separated by distances of several pess to every bit much as a stat mi. and should be distinguished from connexions among computing machines over public bearers such as telephone circuits. that are used for other intents. Table

A set of informations elements ( values ) that is organized utilizing a theoretical account of horizontal rows and perpendicular columns. The columns are identified by name. and the rows are identified by values looking in a peculiar column subset which has been identifies as campaigner key. Table is the laic term for relation.

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