Theory of Reasoned Action

1 January 2017

According to this theory of reasoned action, two major factor sets will predict your behavioral intention to do something. The first of which is your attitude about doing it and the second is one that influences behavioral intention, is the subjective norm about the behavior. Let me relate these 2 major factor set in my current status at work. Last Saturday, the day before going to the University, I got an email from my teammate that one of theMarketing Analysts that we work with, was looking for a Product Analyst to handle the Value Added Service (VAS) project.

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After hearing the news and carefully studying the background of the vacancy, I decided that I’m going to apply for this position and would not pass on a great opportunity for a better career. Ashy: Chara , may magreresign daw sa marketing. Chara: Talaga? Malamang may opening dun? Try ko kya.. The conversation above leads an attitude that I want to apply for the vacant position in our Marketing Department. And since Ashy told me that there will be a vacant position and as Monday comes, I informed mysuperiors regarding my interest and intention to apply to our Marketing department.

I was very nervous and anxious on the one-on-one session with my Supervisor and Manager. Chara: Hi Sir! Submitting to you may Letter of Intent going to marketing. Supervisor: Oo Chara Maganda don! Mareregular schedule ka pa! Good luck! We always want the best for our staff kaya hindi kita aawatin. Kapag nagbago isip mo. You’re always welcome! Kapag natanggap ka dyan, just make sure you turn-over all functions and documents properly ha? My conversation with my superior showed that my attitude was to apply for the vacancy and the subjective norm which was strengthening the belief strength of an attitude.

The subjective norm that came from my superior comprises of two components. The first one was The normative belief ( He expects me to turn-over my functions properly) and motivation to comply ( My superior showed a positive response for my transfer which in return, I’ll comply to his terms of transferring the function. ) To my surprise, they were very supportive and gave me tips which made me more confident to get the position. Hopefully I’ll get to be interviewed by the receiving Department. I just hope and pray that everything will be place on the right place.

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