Foster high quality campus environment; Strategies and institutionalize income Strengthen research, publications and creative works; Model quality management and fiscal responsibility; Improves sense of community involvement and linkages; Institutionalize prince peel of academic freedom and responsibility; 7. Promote academic excellence dent/faculty performance nationally and internationally; 8. Nurture and enrich cultural heritage; 9. Integrated Information and Communication Technology (CIT) with instruction, research, service and production; and 10. Evolve wholesome living and working environment for faculty, employees and students. .

2. 3 Mission The mission of PUP in the 21 SST century is to provide the highest quality of comprehensive and global education and community services accessible to all students, Filipinos and foreigners alike. It shall offer high quality undergraduate and graduate programs that are responsive to the hanging needs of the students to enable them to lead productive and meaningful lives. PUP shall maintain its traditional mission based on its founding philosophy and at the same time propose additional changes that will greatly enhance the realization of this mission in the context of global society.Therefore, on the strength of the PUP Philosophy, the University commits itself to: 1. Democratic access to educational opportunities; 2. Promote science and technology consciousness and develop relevant expertise and competence among all members of the academic stressing their importance in building a truly independent and sovereign Philippines; 3.

Emphasize the unrestrained and unremitting search for truth and its defense, as well as the advancement of moral and spiritual values; 4. Promote awareness of our beneficial and relevant cultural heritage; 5.Develop in the students and the faculty the values of selfishness, love of country and social consciousness and the need to defend human rights; 6. Provide its students and faculty with a liberal-arts based education essential to a broader understanding and appreciation of life and to the total development of the individual; 7. Make the students and the faculty aware of technological, social as well as political and economic problems and encourage them to contribute to the realization of nationalist industrialization and economic development of the country; 8. SE and propagate the National Language and other Philippine languages, and develop proficiency in English and other foreign languages required by the students field of specialization; 9. Promote intellectual leadership and sustain a humane and technologically advanced academic community where people of diverse ideologies work and learn together to attain academic research excellence in a continually changing world; and 10.

Build learning community in touch with the main currents of political, economic and cultural life throughout the world; a community enriched by the presence of a significant number of international students; and a community supported by new technologies and facilities for active participation in the creation and use of information and knowledge on global scale. 1. 2. 4 Strategies To fulfill the foregoing commitments, the University shall: 1 Broaden opportunities for the intellectually qualified or scientifically inclined through school fees within the reach of even the socio-economically disadvantage students; 2.Strive to promote the welfare of its members through improvement of salary levels, security of tenure and through scholarships, training and development programs, better working conditions, as well as the rational use of time and resources; 3. Undertake vigorous efforts toward institutional linkages, particularly in the areas of common concern like training and retaining , equipment and audio- visual use, etc. ; 4.

Formulate and implement new and relevant curricular activities with ruefully planned co-curricular ones; 5.Place emphasis on the need to improve indigenous Philippine science, technology and research; and 6. Stress, above all, continued and regular improvement of the content and quality of pup education, together with orienting course offering toward Filipino manpower requirements and entrepreneurial needs. 1. 2. 5 Core Values 1 . 2.

6 p Prosperity Unity Pro-people Loyalty to God and Country Empowerment Accountability Dignity and Dedication integrity Nobility Generosity Excellence Discipline Good Governance Effectiveness and Efficiency QualityUnderstanding and Goodwill Action-oriented Leadership Innovativeness and Ingenuity Truthfulness Youthfulness PUP Logo: Its Meaning The star in the logo stands for the perfection of the human person, as well as the search for truth, while the five concentric circles depict infinite wisdom. Both the five-pointed star and the five concentric circles stand for quintessence, the highest form of quality or the most perfect example Of creation. The star is golden yellow not only because this is a stars natural color but also because, together with the dark maroon as the background, they institute the natural colors of our school.

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