Therapeutic Cloning: Artificial Life Made Possible

4 April 2015
A study of the development of therapeutic cloning.

The first part of this paper traces the recent and forecasted implementation of therapeutic cloning. The second part of the paper explores the ethical, legal and religious controversy in creating a human replication.
“Advanced technology has allowed human to secure the genetic information found on cells to generate the replication of organism’s tissue and use it for cloning. Therapeutic cloning is believed to be the breakthrough in medical advancement to recover people with such disease and also develop tissue from the contained information of the genes in the stem cells that allow people to experience genetic defects correction and tissue or organ transplant. However, until now this issue has been in serious debate regarding the ethical, legal, and religious controversy in creating a human replication, which is against nature. As more consideration emerges, this debate is also carried out nationally and internationally, requiring more regulations applied for cloning research and application.”
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