Theraputic Value Of Music Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Theraputic Value Of Music Essay, Research Paper

Title: Music Has Therapeutic Value

Argument Essay Format

Attention Grabber:

Stress. Anxiety. Frustration. & # 8220 ; All the things in my life are non traveling as they should be! Time is non on my side. There is no clip for the things I have to make every twenty-four hours any longer! & # 8221 ; Thoughts, such ideas with choler go through my head as I am driving my kids to their athleticss nine patterns after a twenty-four hours of school. Upon their choice up, they are in their ain happy universes with perfectly no attentions or concerns to worry them. They do non cognize of all my concern, my battles as their female parent, or my day-to-day conflicts. Equally shortly as I start the auto into gesture, my oldest girl turns on the wireless and all of sudden, the auto is quiet with no 1 speaking but merely hearing. The music non being excessively speedy in tune or excessively slow.

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My kids must hold had their ain wrestlings throughout the twenty-four hours at school because they seemed to hold relaxed merely as I did when the music began to sound. They seem to hold become more content with merely sitting back in an car and merely basking more of their drive place to their pattern lucifers. Music. Pure enjoyment. Comforting. Relaxing.


By merely listening to music, it can assist cut down emphasis block out negative emotions in an person. Music is known for extinguishing anxiousness, defeat, and depression. With assorted types of music to take from, all have different effects on a human being. For energy, sounds with cheerful beats have been used before exercises or athleticss games with jocks. With quieting one & # 8217 ; s self down in head, single veer toward listening to lighter beats and tones to carry through a relaxed temper. Many surveies and experiments have been performed throughout the old ages to turn out that music does hold good values to persons. Many of music intents is entirely focused on amusement merely but with grounds, music can be used in helping emphasis.

Position Statement ( Thesis ) : Music has curative value, as many research workers have found. Through studies and surveies, this theory is proven.

# 1-Logical Appeal, Reason With Evidence: After appraising a group of pupils at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico, of the Spring semester of the twelvemonth two 1000. The pupils were given optional pick-and-choose questionaire. The graduated table being rather simple. The computations include each per centum indicating the runs represented 50 to sixty San Juan College pupils. A 10 per centum response is represented five to six 100 pupils. The study resulted in the followers:

Emotional and Ethical Appeal ( if appropriate ) : The study consequences were high in persons listening to more than four hours of music per twenty-four hours. The & # 8220 ; none at all & # 8221 ; class had no Markss at all saying everyone listens to music sometime or throughout their yearss. The highest mark for intent of listening to music was for enjoyment and 2nd, for relaxation. The pupils at San Juan College agreed that music could be used as therapy with a 95 per centum to five per centum consequence. About half of the pupils that participated in the study are parents. The study included age for extra study information, 60 per centum of the pupils were between 18 and 25 old ages of age, 20 per centum between 26 and 35. Ten per centum, both age classs of 35 to 45 and 46 or older, was tallied on the study.

A subdivision on the study included inquiring the pupil to portion any experiences of music as therapy in their lives and some responded with, & # 8220 ; Classical music was played to see if listening to it would break my classs? and it did. & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; I listen to music when I & # 8217 ; m mad. It helps me unagitated down. & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; When a decease occurred in my household, I couldn & # 8217 ; t slumber. During reding, they gave us some recorded music to listen to to assist us kip better at nights. & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; Music is indispensable for me because

it is the lone manner I can travel to sleep.” β€œListening to music quiet me and tends to help in acquiring rid of headaches.” β€œMusic relaxes me when I need it and besides it helps me acquire pumped up for athleticss or for work.”

# 2-Logical Appeal, Reason With Evidence: Many surveies have been performed and one of them on a group of down striplings. Two signifiers of therapy performed on them to happen which worked best were massage or music therapy.

First, 30 striplings around the age of 18 were indiscriminately assigned to rub down and music group. All were unmarried and their socioeconomic position was low. Sixty per centum being African American and the other 40 per centum were Hispanic.

After the massage and music Sessionss, three-minute EEG ( EEG ) recordings were obtained. With a stretchy lycra & # 8220 ; EEG & # 8221 ; cap that was topographic point on the participant & # 8217 ; s caput, electrodes were positioned and topographic point at the outer canthus and around one oculus. Eye motion and gross motor motion was monitored.

The massage therapy the striplings received were of a Swedish manner which consisted of long, wide shots, utilizing moderate force per unit area, and administered to the dorsum, weaponries, custodies, and cervix.

The music therapy given to the striplings involved listening to fifteen proceedingss of elating stone music. This music had antecedently been selected by another group of striplings who were similar to the group being studied. The music list consisted of & # 8220 ; Straight Up & # 8221 ; by Paula Abdul, a vocal that is cheerful and can be dance to. & # 8220 ; Nasty & # 8221 ; by Janet Jackson, another wellbeing and dance vocal. & # 8220 ; Vision of Love & # 8221 ; by Mariah Carey, this vocal is a love lay. The last vocal was & # 8220 ; Keep the Faith & # 8221 ; by Michael Jackson and is a moderate in pacing and an inspirational vocal. All pupils wore earphones while listening to the vocals.

Though both massage and music therapy altered the depressive symptoms, music scored the most over the massages received ( Jones 2 )

Emotional and Ethical Appeal ( if appropriate ) :

# 3-Logical Appeal, Reason With Evidence: Human existences have ever found intensely personal significance in forms of sound. Robert Jourdain has examined the encephalon and its forms to sound in his book, & # 8220 ; Music, the Brain, and Ectasy. & # 8221 ; Mr. Jourdain has found that our encephalon makes sense out of what it hears and makes a relation. If we are stressed and music begins to play, our encephalon will utilize the music as a tool to assist in get bying with the emphasis or defeat.

Emotional and Ethical Appeal ( if appropriate ) : It is frequently read or heard in the imperativeness that the right side of the encephalon is relational and the left side of the encephalon is analytical. Harmonizing to Jourdain, such descriptions are highly na? ve and are a misconception of what laterilization is all about. Laterilization is the impression that each side of the encephalon dominates certain activities. Laterality does non intend absolute control harmonizing to Jourdain. ( Jourdain 280 )

The generalisation of the functions of the two sides of the encephalon is that the left encephalon is peculiarly concerned with patterning dealingss between events across clip, while the right encephalon favours relation between at the same time happening events. The left hemisphere specialized in non jus the grammatical transmutations of linguistic communication but besides trains of analytical thought, intent of physical motions, perceptual experience and coevals of rhythmic forms in music. While the right hemisphere is adept of patterning dealingss, organic structure place, and dealingss among sounds and the musical chords. Laterality in tune processing goes to the right hemisphere. ( Jourdain 281 )

Possibly more Entreaties:

Opposing Position:

Logical Appeals ( And perchance ethical entreaties ) to Refute:

Repeat of Position Statement:

Music has curative value, as many research workers have proven. Though the unfavorable judgment and dissensions from others, music has a definite positive consequence overall.

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