There is a Hell, Believe me I've Seen It, There is A Heaven, Lets Keep it A Secret by Bring me The H

8 August 2019

Perhaps being one of the biggest Bring Me The Horizon fans, I was desperately trying to pull in money from every which way to be able to buy their new album the night it came out 2 days ago. So there I was, at midnight on my laptop counting down the minutes until I could hit download. 12:01 came around and at that moment my mouse nearly exploded as I clicked in the download button next to the album cover, bearing a man wearing a golden mask and split down the middle, one side wearing a white cloak and holding up a key on a key ring and the other wearing a black cloak holding up an intricately patterned knife. The side of the man with the black cloak is covered in cuts and bruises. Right down the middle of the man is a keyhole on his chest. I personally think this is one of the most creative album covers I’ve seen in a very long time.

At about 12:07, much to my parents annoyance, I plugged my ipod into my stereo and blasted the album at full volume. The first song is one of the best songs on the album, in my opinion, named Crucify Me. It starts with a light guitar picking tune, putting the mood into a more light tone. When it fades and the harder and faster music comes in, it’s much in the same tone as the beginning guitar but much harder. The deep vocals start it out and then come in the more distinctive and high vocals of Oli Skyes. It levels with Oli continuing to sing through the cut up beat. That continues for about 30 seconds, before he sings “There is a Hell, Believe me I’ve Seen It, There is a Heaven, Lets Keep it a Secret”, which is also the album name. One of the more unusual parts of the song is when the vocals drop and a chorus of what sounds like children singing the same line, but distorted with techno rifts and drops. Crucify Me continues much like this, and altogether is one of the best songs by Bring Me The Horizon.

There is a Hell, Believe me I've Seen It, There is A Heaven, Lets Keep it A Secret by Bring me The H Essay Example

Continuing to the next song, Anthem, skips the soft intro and drops full on into the beat. A drum tap starts the song and then pulls into hard vocals and the melody. The song continues much in the same manner, with rifts and more low vocals from the back vocalist. The ending of this song is the part that really sticks with you: It falls into a more light tone, barely being able to hear the music at all. You hear a mans voice in the background but can’t fully make out the words. But the volume of the voice overpowers the soft music and you hear a man ask someone about the “special feelings” they are having. Then a woman’s voice comes in, saying “I feel…that my heart is being touched by Christ.” Right as she says Christ, the song cuts of abruptly and the next song progresses.

The next song is called It Never Ends. The cool thing about this song is you can really feel the sadness pouring from the notes. It starts into a melody mixed with stringed instruments and drums, then drops into a light tone and you hear Oli Skyes sing a voice full of pain. After his part is done, the vocals become a choir singing behind the beat of guitars and drums. Oli comes in yet again and the song continues. A small part of the song drops into a chiming melody and then comes back into Oli.

The next song on the album is called F*ck. I ca’t say much about this song without insulting somebody, but if anyone likes Josh Franceschi, this song features him. I personally love this guy and think he’s a great musician.

Next song is called Don’t Go. It starts with violins and snare in a sad tone. It basically tells a story from Oli Skyes perception, and is a wonderful song if youre in the mood for light tones and whining vocals.

The rest of the album can’t be shown because I’ve run out of room.. but if anybody really wants me to write a part two to this just comment telling me to and I’ll do it.

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