Theseus Essay Research Paper Theseus a very

9 September 2017

Theseus Essay, Research Paper

Theseus, a really baronial adult male of high power had many different qualities about him. Though his qualities were non specifically stated in & # 8220 ; A Midsummer & # 8217 ; s Night & # 8217 ; s Dream, & # 8221 ; it was obvious what sort of individual he was.

In Act 1, Scene 1, when Theseus is speaking to his Hyppolyta, it appears that he is really profoundly in love. He is really aroused about the nuptials and asks for readyings. He specifically states this when he says, & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; Stir up the Athenian young person to gaieties, awake the pert and agile spirit of merth, turn melancholic Forth to funerals & # 8221 ; ( 13-15 ) 1. He is really proud and happy to be get marrieding Hyppolyta, the adult female he loves. & # 8220 ; Hyppolyta, I woed thee with my blade, and won thy love making thee hurts ; But I will marry thee in another key, with gaudery, with victory, and with delighting & # 8221 ; ( 17-20 ) 1. This proves that Theseus is a happy optimistic adult male.

In this peculiar portion of the drama, Act 4, Scene 1, Theseus acts in a really unusual manner. Though he a individual who is normally orderly and abides the jurisprudence, in this instance he goes against it. Against Egeus & # 8217 ; s word he allows the matrimony between Lysander and Hermia, and Demetrius and Helena to take topographic point. He states this really specifically when

he says, “Egeus, I will overbear your will ; For in the temple, by and by, with us, these twosomes shall everlastingly be knit” ( 183-185 ) 62. This sort of behaviour non merely shows that Egeus is a really kindhearted adult male, but besides that he is understanding. He understands that a individual can’t autumn in love with person else by some sort of force, as in the instance of Hermia and Demetrius. Therefore, he lets Hermia marry Lysander.

Act 5, Scene 1 reveals that Theseus is a really finical but funny human being. In this scene Philostrate reviews all the amusement that is supposed to be viewed at the nuptials. After much confusion and idea, Theseus picks the least admirable show called Pyramus and Thisby. He is really funny about how this drama will be performed. He specifically doesn & # 8217 ; t understand how a drama could be & # 8220 ; merry and tragical & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; boring and brief & # 8221 ; at the same clip, but he demands a screening of the drama because he is really funny.

All these grounds make Theseus seem as adult male with a wide-range of qualities. He is a happy, proud, optimistic, understanding, kindhearted, and funny adult male. These qualities weren & # 8217 ; t specifically listed in the drama, but his actions helped me find and understand his qualities as a individual.

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