1 January 2018

Community College) to our instructors who willingly gave recommendations and advises that supported us not only in our financial needs, but also moral support.

Most of all, we dedicate this project to our beloved Heavenly Father who gives us the knowledge and wisdom we need. Acknowledgement The researchers would like to express their gratitude to the following people for helping and contributing their knowledge and expertise to the success of this project; First and foremost to our almighty God, we thank you for guiding us and giving us the enlightenment that we need for the completion of the duty. We would also like to thank Mr..Jeffrey Monticello for advising us on the flow in terms of our Voting System and also for the grammar. And Tatty. Reynolds A.

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Captaining also who helps us for the grammar-Each Of us for encouraging each other and most especially to Dry. Jonathan Etcetera for advising us and patiently answering our questions and concerns regarding our system. Lastly, to all our parents and friends who helped us and supported us emotionally and morally. ABSTRACT Automated Supreme Student Council Election System for Consolation Community College is an application that allows the voters to vote through online using their computers of laptops through the web.This system addresses to improve the existing election systems of the Consolation Community College as well as to alleviate the burdensome of election operations of the school personnel involved. This is very useful to people/ student who do not have time to go to for School, and who does not want to go to preconception’s to their busy schedules. The proposed study aims to analyses, design and develop a web Web-based Student Government Election System for Consolation Community College.

The system will cater all the Students or the residence in Consolation Community College, Consolation, Zebu, Philippines.PH, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Notepad++, Myself, WAMPUM servility be used in the development of the system. The system will be tested using unit testing, integration, acceptance and system testing. Keywords: Information Technology, voting system, online voting Table of Contents Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION (start by mentioning how important technology is, in this present day and how vital is the change from traditional to automated (second paragraph old define what is election, type-in a sentence or non from authors or a book which mentions elections.Next, look for a source which mentions about automated election system and write the author [put the link or title at the bibliography]), Automated voting system is an election system that allows a voter to record his or her secure and secret ballot electronically. Electronic votes are stored digitally on a storage medium such as memory cards and flash drives before being sent to a centralized location where tabulation programs compile and tabulate results. Automated voting can reduce election costs and increase civic participation by making the voting process more appropriate.

Critics maintain that without a paper trail, recounts are more difficult and electronic ballot manipulation, or even poorly-written programming code, could affect election results. The importance of the election is that it gives the citizens/ residence of the Institution or the said school, an opportunity to choose someone they approve of and it also gives them a right to freedom. An election is described as the making of a decision by a certain population of people to choose an individual. Democracy is the freedom of expression and the freedom to choose leaders.Elections are important because the one who wins the election is the one who goes to the government representing you. (are these your own words? ) Election( you have already been discussing about automated voting system at the first paragraph and then you will just define what is election here? ) is where there is a list of candidates nominated by people or by their selves in every position. It is the process in which each person has the freedom in voting and choosing the right person to govern, manage, direct and administer.

Voting is an election which is formal and critical decision making by which a population chooses an individual. This process is also used in many other private organizations, corporations and now in universities. Consolation Community College was established at year 2009-2010 and was now in almost 5 years in functioned. It is a government institution under the municipality of Consolation, Zebu. Since the college was functioning lots of activities was conducted and one of it was the Supreme Student Council Election which was done manually.Obviously, history is littered with examples Of elections having problems while ballot-based election is used. A “ballot-based voting system” is a paper-based voting systems originated as a system where votes are castes and counted manually and through board tallies based on screened vote paper ballots.

A Supreme Student Council is a student organization present in many high schools, colleges and universities (how sure of you of this? Are you sure that all colleges and high schools have supreme student council? Think about it.What we meant here is, you need a reliable source if it is a fact. You cannot make up your own opinion). In the latter (you mean universities? Remember some universities have incorporated their high schools and elementary with them), said organization is dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body in and out of the school campus A Students Supreme Council election is a decision making process by which the whole collegiate population chooses their student candidate to hold or govern the Students Supreme Council.Community College is the proposed system for election process, where people, student or voter used a specialized computer to vote their candidate instead of using the usual paper-based ballot where people cast their votes by way of writing on the ballot. The Automated Supreme Student Council Election System for Consolation Community College will help the election process to minimize testify and more effective way. The automation of tally of votes of voters during the election period.

Using computer,it would be the one to tally and transmit the votes to the electoral board without human intervention. The automated electoral system mechanisms significantly avoid the chances of errors, because vote counting is based on an internal machine count rather than on individual ballots, which is used today in the said institution and it can be also tampered. Objectives of the Study The study aims to analyze, design and develop an Automated Election System for Consolation Community College.Specifically, analyses the current election system and suggest an automated election system which will: Automates the counting of votes in real time; Minimizes the tasks of the election officers; Automatically view partial poll result for the COMELY only; Automates the paper-based ballot into an automated system. Scope and Limitations of the Study Scope of the project The project will cover the process in conducting Automated Supreme Student Council election system for ICC. The following are the scope of the project: Will be held at Collaborator’s Local area network connections.VOTER/ student has the right to vote in the election.

Only registered voters or students can vote. Eliminate the paper-based ballot The system is designed solely for the Supreme Student Council election only The system has the capability to release required reports regarding the list of voters, candidates and canvassing of results. Limitations of the project Voters can vote once. Unregistered voter is not allowed to vote Only the registered voters can vote on the election. Only the system administrator has the permission to add, edit, remove or modify the candidates list .Only the Boniface students of Consolation Community College can vote. A candidate must registrations candidate or voter 1 (one) week before the election day.

Significance of the Study The proposed study, Automated Supreme Student Council Election System, will be of great help to the following: Voter. The proposed system will help the students to vote easily, and view the result in a short period of time. Candidates. The proposed system will help the candidates to apply as a candidate in a fast and easy way.The proposed system will help the candidates by securing there data or information. SC Officers. The proposed system will help the SC officers to administrations materials using in times of voting, such as papers, ball pens, and etc.

COMELY. The proposed system will help the COMELY to ensure that the voters who are registered are the only ones to vote. Student Academic Office (SAC)). The proposed system will help the Student Academic Office to the Candidates, easy to agonized and voters in one integrated system Researcher.

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