1 January 2018

Many impasses hire computer technicians and programmers for their high demands. But of all the courses, two major courses are much more outstanding related to this field.

Many students think that they are almost the same but they are not. This study alms to differentiate the two known CIT courses – bachelor of computer science and bachelor of science in information technology. They both seem the same and their course contents are also almost similar but there are still differences between computer science and information technology contrary to common beliefsInformation Technology is the mixture and application of programming, Hardware Administration, Software Administration, Networking, Network Security and Technical Support. In other words, the management of computers’ information technology is the technology required for information processing. In particular the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information from anymore, anytime.Computer Science is the mixture and application of Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Complexity Theory/Algorithms to understand and/ r model information in other words, the field of computation. Computer Science has roots in electrical engineering, mathematics, and linguistics.

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In the last third of the 20th century computer science emerged as a distinct discipline and developed its own methods and terminology. Computer science, in every school I’ve ever seen, is programming. So its the study of algorithms, data structures, complexity theory, all the way down to learning what makes an operating system work.Its the science of computing, not the electrical engineering of the hardware, as some seem to think. Computer Science is a part of IT. Computer Scientists are generally responsible of building the tools(SO, Compiler, Database..

. ) used in IT, where as IT technicians are responsible of using these tools to make real world applications. The basic difference is that information technology is about transmitting information and gathering it, whereas computer science is something related to computers and only computer, such as software. IT people can be considered more of a general management subject.Abstract ideas that rely on fundamental mathematical theories are at the heart of Computer Science. Information Technology is the study of technology that drives Information Systems for businesses. Understanding how technology/tools can best meet the Information management needs of an organization is at the heart of IT.

Computer Science is about understanding generic concepts whereas IT is about knowing more facts. Statements of the Problem 1 . What are the differences between the Information Technology and Computer Science courses? 2. What are the important information about these computer courses and their components? . What are the computer arrogating parts of the two courses? 4. What are the essential strengths and weakness of these courses for freshmen to pick? 5. To learn basic computer difference and to learn more about our course.

Scope and Limitation This research will focus on what are the major fields taken by information technology and computer science students. What an Information Technology Students can do that a Computer Science course and what an Information Technology student can’t. What a computer student can do that an information can’t, and both Information Technology student and ComputerScience student can both do. The researcher will also discuss the similarities of computer science and information technology the way the course revolve around its nature. Significance of the Study This thesis can help the students in identifying the difference between the BPCS and IBIS computer courses. This study can give more information to the incoming freshmen for the next school year and the upcoming year. This study will also identify the design, development, installation, and implementation of all types of computer information systems and networks.

A sense of personal accomplishment, career satisfaction, and endless possibilities can be gained by aspiring IT students. Incoming freshmen can also identify possible careers that they might pursue once they have a degree in information technology. Faculty and Administrators can also gain from this study by improving their academic offerings providing significant understanding of both large course takers and their retention. This study can also provide future researchers in learning because while we are doing this study, we acquired many basic information about programming.

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