To be able to achieve their mission the Office of the Registrar monitors all the graduates.

And, this kind of transactions handled by Ms. Amarillo Palomar which is one of the staff of the said office. The current operation of monitoring the graduates is the Alumni will personally go to the office based on their respective schedules to request a Transcript of Records (TORT) along with a certification of graduates. This certification served as evidence to the student if he/she is graduated of this school, program and batch or year.But, before they issue this certification the alumni should fill-up a form containing the information of the graduates such as, name of alumni, course, name of company, job description or position, date started and salary. This information will serve as records and will be the basis with regards on verification. Some company calls directly to the office for the assurance of the graduate’s information.

The problems of this current operation are the following; not updated of graduate’s information, insufficient graduate’s information, and UN-participation of most graduates.Most of the Status Of the graduates cannot update due to lack Of communication to the graduates. Another problem is they cannot creates reports like Graduate’s Status Report and Employment Report because of insufficient information they obtained and also some of the graduates are not participating to their program. The proponents decided to create a web based application that will answer all the problems of the current operation used by the said office. The said system will be allowing the alumni to update their employment status.Also, he main focused of web application is to provide a job offering which categorize based from their course and in order to obtain complete information the web application will have a list of job offerings which will be posted by different alumni (user) and the administrator to help all the unemployed and fresh graduates. By this kind of web application it will be enforce all the fresh graduates to register and complete the survey because the benefits of the systems will not only focused in the institution but also in alumni especially all those who are unemployed.

The admit and user will possible post some job offerings and the target of that study is the unemployed graduates. After the posting the job offerings only the admit is responsible to gathered the job offering and it will send automatically to email-address of the graduates then graduates should updated what are the jobs could possible to apply immediately. This paper aims to propose a web based Valueless City Polytechnic College Graduate Information Tracer System which will more improve the accessibility of all records within the database and provide users precise and liable information through the web.The said system will also enhance the monitoring employment status of graduates and the information of the graduate students as long as the users can update the data or information. Aside from that the main focus of the web based system is provide some jobs offerings of the alumni not only the unemployed graduates but also the employed graduates for the reasons of not satisfied from their work environment.

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