1 January 2018

In addition it decreases the rate of inefficiency on a program-based system to calculate and demonstrate results. Examinations are essential to universities since it organizes and integrates knowledge. Most of it generally falls in the objective category which is suited for the automated process. Information and technology has become a valuable, decisive and critical resource for individuals which is less risky than manual examination system.

It is very critical in universities because it aims to qualify the learning capacity and evaluate the learning of an individual, therefore requires a careful evaluation.Once results are inefficient it could eave a lasting effect on students, like mental stress since it is their way of defining their goals. The role of CIT in supporting the curriculum has been extensively evaluated by some large, government sponsored projects. The CIT and attainment review in England (Cox, Abbott, Webb, Blakeley, BΓ©chamel & Rhodes, 2003) found positive effects in almost all subjects, but particularly with specific uses such as word processing in English, modeling in mathematics, or using simulations in science.The authors noted: Researchers have often measured the ‘wrong’ things, looking for improvements in rotational processes and knowledge instead of new reasoning and new knowledge which might emerge from the CIT use (p. 34). Many similar studies have noted the overall impact of CIT integration as additional motivation to learn deriving from the Hawthorne effect of novelty; or a skill set to be mastered in addition to the content knowledge addressed.

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In the USA a large scale study found even good software had little learning benefit (Dynamics, Roberto, Heavies, Novak, Carrey, Accompany, Means, Murphy, Penned, Cavity, Emery & Sussex, 2007).Furthermore, Cuban (2001 ) described the ineffective use of computers in classrooms. Such studies demonstrate computer use in support of a pre-existing curriculum is of contested effectiveness, and possibly inefficient. To assess the latter, researchers might legitimately inquire as to whether learning outcomes are achieved more rapidly with, or without, CIT. In any case, Australian secondary schools are about to receive a major innovation as the Australian Government’s Digital Education Revolution will provide a computer for every student in Years 9-12 (Gaillardia, 2008, p. 7). Universities therefore need to prepare for an influx of apt-savvy students in 2-4 years time.

The Automated Examination System is an application that establishes a network between the institutes and the students. The instructor will enter the questions they want which are more on objective type into the application. These questions are displayed as a test to the eligible students. The answers entered by the students are then evaluated and their score is calculated and saved.This score then can be accessed by the instructors to determine the students who passed or to evaluate their performance. Moreover, the application must have an administrator who keeps an eye on the overall injunction of the system. The management of examination data of large number of students is a very tiresome process and taking into consideration the limited time of presenting the results which needs to be released on a timely basis.

In this light, the researcher aims to provide the significance of using the automated system on examinations especially to IT schools and students.Being under this degree needs a more accurate system and faster processing Of prelims, midterms and final examination results due to the complexity of courses/subjects under this. By way of presenting this system it ill make a difference on the traditional manual exams therefore suggesting innovation. Background of the Study The Informatics International College is a multinational cooperation committed to provide quality training and education in Information and Communications Technology. Established in 1994, Informatics has 38 centers nationwide including the Cantina Campus located at the Brickwork Stay.Lucia East Grand Mall Cantina, Racial. According to the current Academic Head of ICC Dry.

Roberto Idle CrUZ they want to have an automated examination on various subjects selected which can help the professors and lecturers on roving examinations to the students. The current manual system Of the examinations are based on the syllabus of the subject code which the professors and lecturers discussed to their students. The usual problem in checking the examinations is due to human error which leads to an argument between the students and their professor.The researcher aims to make an automated examination in which lecturers and professors can use templates for minor and major examinations for Accuracy in the evaluation of scores. Through this study, educational institutions can have a great support in roving an easier way in conducting major examinations and automatically computes the scores/equivalent of the examination Statement of the Problem The general problem of the study is the The following are the specific problems given for the study: 1. What are the effects of using the automated examination system in regards to the if: a.Faster Evaluation (results of the examination) b.

Usability c. Reliability d. Difficulty of the Exam 2. What are the categories Of exam needed for the automated examination? 3. What system is needed to evaluate faster results of examination and lessen the human error in checking the exams? Scope and Limitation The study is all about the Automated Examination System of l. T Students which provides faster evaluation of results and lessen the human error. The study was conducted at Informatics International College Cantina Campus during January 2013.

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