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10 October 2017

Elementary and high school instruction is mandatory in the educational system of the Philippines. It is managed nationally by the Department of Education. along with the warrant of support for school’s necessity and enlisting of instructors for all public high schools. Students should come in simple schools at the age of six or seven. and for a length of six old ages.

Then. at the age of 12 or 13. pupils should so come in high school for a length of four old ages. With a sum of 10 old ages. that is the mandatory instruction here in the Philippines. But late. the Department of Education is now up for the execution of the K+12 plan which follows the K-6-4-2 theoretical account where basic instruction equates to Kindergarten plus six old ages in simple ( Grades 1 to 6 ) . four old ages in junior high school ( Grades 7 to 10 ) and debut of two old ages in senior high school ( Grades 11 and 12 ) .

Ever since President Aquino expressed his favour of the program. the plan was non welcomed heartily. It was objected non merely by pupils and parents. but the instructors every bit good. But unluckily. the authorities persistently clung to their somewhat irrevokable strategy.

Although the authorities boasts that upon the execution of K+12. our educational criterions will be parallel to international criterions. It besides promises better chances to senior high school alumnuss for they will be equipped with accomplishments likewise to the accomplishments in the associate grads and sheepskin in whatever holder. So if they can’t afford to travel to college. they’ll ne’er run out of alternate paths. The K+12 plan bragged about increasing authorities GDP allotment to instruction from 2 % to 3 % . Definition of footings

Allocation – The action or procedure of apportioning or administering something. Implementation – The act of carry throughing some purpose or put to deathing some order. Approximately – Imprecise but reasonably near to rectify.

Compulsory – Required by jurisprudence or a regulation ; obligatory.
Worsen – Make or go worse ; deteriorate
Are we ready for the execution of the K+12 plan? Does the executing
of the K+12 plan will better our instruction system? Sub thesis statements
1. We are non ready for the execution of the K+12 plan 1. 1 Approximately. the Department of Education lacks 100. 000 instructors. 68. 000 schoolrooms. and 140. 000 sanitation installations 2. The K+12 plan will non better our instruction system

2. 1. In the execution of the K+12. the authorities will non prioritise funding province colleges and universities. 2. 2 SUCs will bring forth financess by themselves. This besides means SUCs would hold to raise tuition fees. or happen any moneyman to endorse them up which would merely take to the denationalization of SUCs.

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