Thick Face Black Heart Summary

Heart is the secret law of nature that governs * successful behavior in every aspect of one’s life. ” This is the main point that Chin-Ning Chu tries to make through this chapter and it is the underlying point for her entire book. Thick Face Black Heart is a saying that means you are not worried about criticism from others and you are willing to focus on your goal and ignore the costs of achieving your goal. To put it in the authors own words thick face is the shield and black heart is the spear.

You can take this philosophy and apply it to many aspects of life. I think that I will use this way of thinking a lot more than I already do after reading this book. If I were a business man I think it would be the best way to run my business because if you only focus on your own success and you are not afraid of failure then there is no way to fail. If you let no one and nothing stand In your way and you are willing to do anything to succeed in your own personal endeavors then you will eventually succeed.

This may seem to be a selfish or wrong way of thinking but if you really want to succeed you have to be willing to be selfish and take what you fell is yours. Of course this isn’t to say you should do wrong things to achieve what you want but you cant waste time thinking about everyone else’s opinions. To summarize you have to be willing to do anything necessary to succeed and to beat your competition. Andrew Semenza English MO1A TFBH CH 2 Chapter two in Thick Face Black Heart was all about us unlearning the many moral things that have been engraved in our learning since we were children.

She goes on to say that thick face black heart is the natural state of our being and that throughout the course of our lives well meaning people have tried to instill there own beliefs and morals on us, trying to shape the way we behave and feel around others. One example she uses is being slapped and knowing when to hit back or walk away. She says, “there is time to submit to being slapped, and there is time to hit back twice. ” She says that most people turn the other check because they have always been taught that violence is bad and not the way to respond to other people.

However it is my own personal belief that if you get pushed the right thing to do is push back harder and faster. She goes on to explain that there is neither a right or wrong way to look at this and that the correct route of action is always determined by the circumstances. She goes on to say you have to have good self knowledge and self observation skills in order to overcome the way you’ve be taught to look at things. You must not give your fear to much importance because giving into fear will only lead to failure. In spite of our fear we must be willing to do what we have to do.

She claims that the pursuit of pleasure with the avoidance of pain is futile because pain is necessary for a little pleasure. Andrew Semenza English MO1A TFBH CH 3 Chapter three of Thick Face Black Heart is an important one because it discusses the importance of dharma and its relevance to the TFBH mentality. Dharma is the understanding of proper actions in any given situation. It means, “to act in accordance with ones duty. ” She claims that Thick Face Black Heart practitioners are vigorous in pursuing the rightness of their actions, always think, “What is my Dharma at this moment? I think that the concept of thick face black heart goes hand in hand with having dharma. I say this because if one has the ability to only have their personal goals in mind and the drive to do anything it takes to achieve greatness and are able to show good dharma by trying to always to the right thing for the given situation then you are bound to be a success. If you only focus on personal gain and every chance you get you are trying to figure out the right thing to do than you will always be trying to find the right thing to do for yourself.

The point I think was made in this chapter is that you need to always be thinking about the best way to do things. This combined with the other aspects of Thick Face Black Heart will lead to great personal gain in any aspect of life that you try to apply this way of thinking to. The only thing I don’t understand is that if dharma is a natural law then but our duties are often determined by others, than how can it be a natural thing. If its natural we wouldn’t need direction to perform tasks?

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