Things Are Not What They Seem Essay

7 July 2017

, Research Paper

Thingss Are Not Always What They Seem

William Faulkner s short narrative A Rose for Emily centres around Miss Emily and what the townspeople think of Miss Emily. One of the subjects for A Rose for Emily is appearance versus world. This subject of visual aspect versus world can be seen through what the townspeople think of Miss Emily and by the actions taken by Miss Emily.

Miss Emily was portion of the old South, who refused to alter with the times. Miss Emily was of the upper category until her male parent died. Miss Emily did non hold to pay revenue enhancements because: Miss Emily s male parent had loaned money to the town, which the town, as a affair of concern, preferred this manner of refunding. ( 71 ) . When her male parent died all that Miss Emily was left with was the house. This made the townsfolk happy in a manner.

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The townsfolk now could feel for Miss Emily. Being left entirely, and a pauper, she had become humanized. ( 73 ) . When Miss Emily was seeing Homer Baron the townsfolk thought she would ne’er travel out with a twenty-four hours labourer from the North. ( 74 ) . The townsfolk so assumed that Miss Emily wanted to get married Homer Baron. Until Homer Baron was heard to state that he liked work forces and that he was non a marrying mom

n. ( 75 ) . Because Homer said he was homosexual, Miss Emily had bought rat toxicant and the townsfolk assumed that she would kill herself the following twenty-four hours. Miss Emily did non kill herself the following twenty-four hours or the following twenty-four hours after that.

Shortly after Miss Emily had bought the rat toxicant Homer Baron disappeared. The townsfolk thought that Homer had left town. But he did non ; Miss Emily had murdered him with the rat toxicant that she had bought. After slaying Homer Baron Miss Emily ne’er left her house. She Merely sent her retainer, The Negro, to make everything for her. Finally Miss Emily eventually passed off. And this is when the townsfolk found out what really happened to Homer Baron. He did non go forth town as the townsfolk had thought he was murdered by Miss Emily. There Homer Baron laid on Miss Emily s bed in a province of embracing and on the pillow beside him a long base of Fe grey hair was found. ( 77 ) . This indicates to us that Miss Emily had been kiping with the dead organic structure of Homer Baron.

One can now see that visual aspect versus world can be a subject of Faulkner s short narrative A Rose for Emily. Because of what the townsfolk think is traveling on with Miss Emily and what really is traveling on with Miss Emily.

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