Things I Love To Do

4 April 2019

I am Malik G. I am the youngest of six children.I love sports, scouts, and family.I am hardworking and love a challenge.I am son of hardworking parents.I love them and appreciate all they do for me.And I would like to accomplish all my goals I set.

My favorite sport is football but I play a lot of different sports too.I played rugby for a while for bowling green dragons.For football I played for a long time six years ever since I was in first grade.I use to play for Sheldon Jr Huskies for a long time and also played for Monterey Trail high school.I always like challenge myself at all the sports I play.I do my best and try to better everyday.

My favorite thing to do is scouts.I really love nature and boy scouts.I always love camping and adventures.I just recently got back from Yosemite to hike half dome.I am a scout in a mormon troop.My goal is to become the first eagle scout in my church.I want to set an example to my younger cousins at church.

I come from a big family that I love very much.All of us are fijian and have a love for food.My parents come from Fiji and went to college at BYU Hawaii.Then they came to Sacramento.They have lived here for twenty something years and worked very hard for us.I am thankful for my family.

Ultimately, these are the many things I love and care about.I am always looking foward to the future and excited for what is in store for me.I am very hardworking and always look to challenge myself and love everything about my life and family.Lastly I believe I can do anything and strive to accomplish my goals.

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