Things I’ll Never Say to You by Chasing Trains

10 October 2019

Discovering a band that plays the emotion-provoking genre of music I like is a fulfilling feeling. Over the past month, I was lucky enough to stumble upon an all-female indie band from Mahwah, New Jersey, that deserves immense attention for their spellbinding music. Their first album, ironically titled “Things I’ll Never Say to You,” is a combination of tear-jerking lullabies and sultry love songs.
In their first song, “Fade Away,” the listener is taken on a romance-swept roller coaster between two unnamed lovers who forget their inhibitions and fall in love for just one night. Although not afraid of her love, the boy reveals he is afraid of “too much wasted time.” These words are completely relatable to anyone who has ever experienced a relationship, and to anyone who has ever been heartbroken. Likewise, so is the idea that “love’s just a game we play; whether it’s forever, or three years, or just a day.” These lyrics are accompanied by a slowly strummed guitar. The melody, along with the heartfelt words, combine to form a magnificent ballad that is more than suitable for anyone who has ever struggled in a challenging romance.
On a completely different note, “Avalanche” provides the listener with the subtle details of a seemingly catastrophically scandalous relationship. Mysteriously, it is sung “let’s take too many chances.” The song is also filled to the brim with mystifyingly beautiful harmonies that are really pleasing to the ears. This song is very interesting, because it uses deep imagery while still maintaining a vague storyline. This leaves a lot of interpretation up to the listener, allowing the song to mean many things depending on the audience.
There is something very gratifying about finding obscure bands that produce quality music. Although Chasing Trains has only released one EP so far, I am hoping for much more from them, as their current content is fantastic. They also have published “Shhhh” and “Bottles.” Their music can be found on Bandcamp, and I truly hope you spare a minute or two to check it out. I promise you, you will not regret supporting this brilliant, up-and-coming group.

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