Things Not Seen

1 January 2017

Things Not Seen Author: Andrew Clements Genre: Fiction Favorite Character & Why: My favorite character in this story was Robert Phelps also known as “Bobby”, because Bobby feels invisible to his parents, even before he actually is invisible. He feels like they put work before him, and don’t notice what he wants or who he is, which I can relate to. Reasons I liked this Book:

The reasons I liked this book is because it shows how this teenager has to deal with being invisible and not knowing if he’ll ever go back to normal. Also because this book makes you think about how you would feel and deal with the fact knowing that you’re invisible and no one can see you. Summary: Fifteen year old Bobby Phillips wakes up one morning and discovers he’s become invisible. After he proves to his parents that je has turn invisible he is forced to stay at home and not to tell anyone that he has become invisible.

Things Not Seen Essay Example

Then Bobby’s parents get into a car accident that causes them to be hospitalized. So Bobby then meets a blind girl named Alicia in a library. And later on learns that about Bobby’s “condition” that he has. Later on the law gets involved and investigates why Bobby has not been seen, which could end up with his parents in jail. On this difficult journey that Bobby has to face with his parents and his new friend Alicia by his side to help him find out why he has become invisible. 1st Quote: I can’t see myself! You can’t see me. I can’t be seen– like, I’m invisible! ” (3) This quote is important because it shows how scared Bobby is and how he reacts to his parents about him not being able to see himself. This can give you an idea on how he will deal with him being invisible later on. 2nd Quote: “But then come the tears. Mom slumps down in her chair and starts crying, and I can’t take that. I can never take that. ”  (6) This shows how Bobby’s Condition is begging to affect his mother.

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