Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

10 October 2019

In a time where so many artists drown their music with autotune and background music to cover up their faults, one artist in my opinion rises above them all. His name is Ed Sheeran. I have been a huge fan of Ed Sheeran since his first album came out. I had ‘+’ on replay so much that I had memorized almost every lyric in each song. I never thought that Ed Sheeran could top his first album until he debuted “x” which took his music to a whole new level.

I knew that Sheeran’s album “x” would be a smash hit. I pre-oredered it and waited for the album’s release. While I was extremely impressed by every song on the album, there was one song that became an instant favorite: Thinking Out Loud.

Thinking Out Loud is a beautiful romantic song that made me fall in love with Ed Sheeran’s style of music all over again. Armed with his signature guitar and unique voice, Ed Sheeran created the ultimate feel good song.

What makes this song so amazing is that Ed Sheeran has the ability to connect to so many people. His lyrics are so genuine and honest and he demonstrates limitless musical ability. The song go into how Ed Sheeran will love the love of his life until the day they die. He writes ” ’cause honey your soul will never grow old, it’s evergreen.” His music evokes such imagery and emotion that it leaves you breathless by the end of the song.

This is a song that will remind everyone of their first love. That love which will live on forever. That love which is evergreen. Sheeran transports the listener back to that place where they felt europhic, madly in love, and unstoppable.

Even though Ed Sheeran might not be a household name just yet, give it a few months. Between his truthful lyrics and stunning voice, he is an artist to be reckoned with. All I can say is that with new music releases and a growing fan base, I predict that 2015 will be the year of the Sheerios.

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