Thinking Outside the Box: Magic of Mind Essay Sample


While some jobs pose as impossible to work out. manner to their solutions lie in originative thought alternatively of ‘critical thinking’ . In one of such occasions in my workplace. originative thought non merely saved my ain occupation. but besides saved the occupations of two other employees.

The state of affairs

Then I was working as an helper director at a Korean eating house that was making good in the vicinity. where there were two immature servers. Choi and Lee. who were considered as assets to the eating house. as they were articulate and impressive in covering with clients.

Thingss moved all right for us till the clip when Choi and Lee grew apart with serious misconstruing between them. They started faulting each other often. besides disregarding the much-needed mutuality in their plants. Gradually other employees of the eating house became baffled about what to make in a state of affairs where either of the two would hold to be approached. Soon a communicating spread started brewing in the eating house. which hampered both the unity of the employees and the gross revenues of the eating house.

Consequently I talked to Choi and Lee – where it seemed that there was no serious struggle between them. as none of them complained about the other. I thought I solved the job. as both of them agitate custodies with each other in forepart of me.

However. both resumed their blame-game from the following twenty-four hours. which took even acrimonious bend by the terminal of the hebdomad and accordingly hit the gross revenues of the eating house severely. I tried to intercede once more. but that could non better the state of affairs.

Though I was empowered to fire one or both of them. but I could non make so because Choi and Lee had created their client bases and had settled down good with the operational system ; hence. firing anyone of them could hold resulted in a loss of client base and crisis in the operational system. Furthermore. that could hold evoked a work stoppage or agitation of the employees!

Both Choi and Lee excessively knew about their importance in the eating house and that emboldened them to pay small attending to my advices. Therefore the crisis continued and the state of affairs was about traveling out of custodies when I became despairing to happen a solution to see its terminal.

I jotted down every point I could garner sing the job. I learnt that a love trigon among them and a adult female had finally pitted them against each other. Through an thorough research on the job. I could convey out two arrows that seemed instrumental in work outing this job. And they were similar below:

While chew overing on the first point. I found that Choi and Lee both had high respects about Mr. Chang. the director of the eating house. and a individual senior to all of us. It seemed to me that Mr. Chang could be of aid to extenuate the differences between these two. Yet there was another job. as I myself was non in good footings with Mr. Chang since our clang of sentiments a few months ago!

However. the gravitation of the present state of affairs was far critical than my difference with Mr. Chang. and it seemed indispensable that I make armistice with him to work his resonance with Choi and Lee.

For the 2nd point. I felt the impulse to make something novel to make an impact on Choi and Lee’s head sing the negative impact of a love trigon. Therefore I pondered over and over to happen the right action that would act upon Choi and Lee end their hostility with each other.

My Response

I abridged the spread with Chang through an apology and requested him to intercede between Choi and Lee. After that I scripted a little play and hired two nickel-and-dime histrions from a distant country to ordain that play at our eating house in the late hours of dark. when there would be really few clients. Consequently the histrions did their occupation as assigned to them. where both of them acted as two long lost friends run intoing each other after a serious misinterpretation over the love of a same adult female. The play took topographic point before the eyes of Choi and Lee. who seemed to be drawn into it as both the histrions narrated their life narrative as set by me – how they got their occupations as servers at a eating house and finally how they lost that on history of a love trigon and had to pass yearss in acute wretchedness. As directed by me. both the histrions looked repentant for their foolishness and the play succeeded to impact both Choi and Lee. as I observed that from their organic structure linguistic communication. It is from here Mr. Chang took over. who counseled them exhaustively about the negative impact of a love trigon. Now they realized everything and agitate custodies in true sense. Consequently the eating house once more became vivacious with the smooth teamwork and high client response. thanks to the renewed attempt of Lee and Choi. who worked in tandem to turn out their worth more than of all time.


The jobs. which seemingly seem insolvable. can be solved with drawn-out mental attempt. It is clear that my out-of-the-box thought had helped me to spread the difference between Choi and Lee. which in bend restored the gross revenues of the eating house. which was my premier mark. In this instance my thought foremost worked with the tactics and so my drawn-out attempt helped me to switch from critical thought to creative thought. where the latter had helped me to tie in more topics with the job. Therefore. the thought of presenting a play was a merchandise of the chemical science generated from that enhanced plane of thoughts – which finally solved the job without a enlistment.

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