Third-Eye Blind And Smashmouth

8 August 2019

Third-Eye Blind and SmashmouthYou should have been in Denver when Smashmouth opened for Third Eye Blind at the Ogden Theater. I only went for Third Eye Blind, but Smashmouth totally surprised me. Their flying guitars and upbeat sound kept the crowd dancing in the small auditorium. Everyone had an awesome time, all moving in time in a crowded mosh pit. It was as though everyone knew each other; we put new friends up to crowd surf, and picked up those who found the floor. The fast-paced music kept coming and soon everyone was soaking wet and tired. But the best was still to come.When Stephan Jenkins (lead singer) came out, all fatigue vanished. Once they busted out “Losing a Whole Year,” I was moving for the rest of the night. Their sound was just amazing. The driving, catchy riffs are reason enough for anyone to buy the album, but the pure emotion the songs had would have made you a fan for life.

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Because their album was so amazing, they just went through their killer songs. They played everything from the catchy “Semi-Charmed Life” to my favorite, “Motorcycle Drive-By.” The crowd loved every minute. We sang along, the girls drooled, and everyone went away with a little more rock in them. The best aspect of the Ogden is it’s a small venue. You could be anywhere from the bar to the front row. While in the mosh pit, you could easily move across the theater before you knew it. If you ever have a chance to see Third Eye Blind, I highly recommend it. .Review by Nathanael Hansen, Colorado Springs, CO

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