Third Party Politics Essay Research Paper There

Third Party Politics Essay, Research Paper

There seems to be more new political parties with each

go throughing election. Some people argue that these new parties

offer people tired of bipartizan political relations as usual a fresh

pick. Though any of these parties seldom win elections

the statement is made that they play an of import function in

giving a voice to electors tired of republican and democratic

tenet. The statement is made that by voting for a 3rd

party campaigner a individual can do a protest ballot of kinds.

However, I do non believe that a protest ballot is a good

ground to vote for a campaigner. First, 3rd party

campaigners more frequently times so non function merely in the function

of spoiler. This is particularly true in close elections.

When a 3rd party campaigner serves in the function of spoiler

they can disfranchise the bulk of the electors for a

certain campaigner. Thereby overruling the true will of the

people. I feel this violates basic cardinal rules

of democracy. Second, I believe new election Torahs are

needed. I believe 3rd party campaigners should hold to

run into new stiff standards to run in a general election. This

would guarantee that the 3rd party campaigner would hold a

sensible outlook of triumph. This would extinguish the

function of spoiler. Finally, I believe with new election

guidelines refering 3rd parties that the electors can be

given a fresh pick every bit good as vouching a carnival


There are many freshly formed political 3rd parties.

These parties include, the Reform Party, the Green Party,

the Libertarian Party, the Natural Law Party, and the US

Taxpayers Party. The Reform party is one of the more widely

known of these. Ross Perot founded the Reform Party several

old ages ago. This party created a batch of bombilation about 3rd

party political relations. And when Ross Perot ran for President under

his freshly founded party s banner many people did ballot for

him as an option to the Democratic and Republican

Party campaigners. Many feel that this caused the republican

campaigner Bob Dole to free the election the democratic

campaigner Bill Clinton. Therefore the 3rd party in this

election served in the function of spoiler for the Republican

Party campaigner. The 2nd most known of these parties

would be the Green Party. Their front adult male and former

presidential campaigner is Ralph Nader. The Green party has

been around field-grade officer

r a piece but has merely late gained in

popularity in the two thousand elections. This due in portion

to its front adult male Ralph Nader. He has presented the party as

the party of alteration and the true voice of the people. Nader

got approximately two per centum of the popular ballot in the general

election for president of the United States on November 7.

That does non sound like much, nevertheless the statement can,

and has been made that it had a dramatic consequence on the

election. Nader got about three per centum of the ballot in

Florida. That is significant when you consider at nowadays

Gorge W. Bush merely leads Vice President Al Gore by five

hundred and thirty seven ballots. This one time once more illustrates

how a 3rd party campaigner can overrule the true will of

the people.

However, many people like the ideal of 3rd parties.

They believe in interruptions up the domination of the democratic

and republican parties in general elections. They argument

has been made that it helps maintain our political system

honest. I believe there is some truth to this statement.

Third parties can give a voice to particular sections of our

society that feel that they are non be represented by the

current political position quo. This may let everyone to

feel as if they have a say in out authorities.

Even so, I do believe that for the most portion tierce

parties merely serve in the function of spoilers. I steadfastly

believe that they can overrule the will of the people in an

election. This is even truer in a close election. The

evidents from past every bit good as the current presidential

election would look to corroborate this. I believe the true

will of the electors to be overriding and must non be thwarted

by a 3rd party campaigner who has no sensible

outlook of triumph.

I believe that new run Torahs are needed to

extinguish this possible undermining of the true will of the

bulk of the electors. There needs to be more stiff

guidelines and demands for any parties desiring to run

a campaigner in a general election. I believe all 3rd

parties that wish to run a campaigner in any general

election should hold to turn out that there is a sensible

outlook of triumph. In this manner the electors will can non

be undermined.

Finally I think with new run regulations the function of

the spoiler can be eliminated for good. I believe this

will convey equality and equity to all elections.

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