Third Place

3rd Place…

Next stop: Orlando International Airport. This is the day I’ve been waiting for patiently for nine months, and it was finally here. 28 heads on the bus anxiously ready for the weekend of their lives. I’ve never felt the feelings I was experiencing right now. I was so confident in myself and my team that we were going to do amazing. I knew that I was going to get a good night’s sleep and wake up tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The day finally came, where I was going to be competing on that National floor with my 27 best friends at the National Dance Team Championship. Not just because we were in Walt Disney World, but it truly was the most magical experience I’ve ever had. I felt as if all eyes were on us as soon as we walked into the Performance Center. The pressure was on, as everyone was counting on us to take that first place title. Our performance couldn’t have been more perfect. It was absolutely breathtaking. Everyone was speechless and so many teams, parents, and coaches came up to us and congratulated us on what we had just done. These compliments said so much about our performance. Walking off that floor, I already knew in my gut we did it.

It was finally time for awards and the anticipation was killing me, however, I knew that it was all out of my hands now and there was nothing more we could have done to put on a better show. Twelve teams made it into finals including us. Patiently, we waited to hear our name get called, and then it came down to top three. “In third place… Seminole High School!” said the announcer. I was in complete shock my knees started trembling and my eyes started to fill with big, hot tears. This was the best thing we could’ve asked for because Seminole was our biggest rival, and they were the only reason standing between us and the first place trophy. The next two minutes were the longest two minutes of my life. Soon enough they called second place and it wasn’t us. Oh my gosh! This could only mean one thing… “Anddddd in first place” said the speakers.

Ever since I won UDA Nationals in 2017, I honestly think I have become a better person all around. Because this event affected me positively in so many ways it made me realize if you put your mind to something, you can truly accomplish anything, whether it’s by yourself or with others. The most important part for me was not the fact that we won Nationals. It was how we worked together for nine months and as a team made our dreams into realities. Winning this title has taught me so much more than just teamwork and leadership skills. I found out things about myself I never knew I had in me that I will cherish and hold onto for the rest of my life.

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