Third Sex

8 August 2016

In the Philippines, it was believed that the primary reason of third gender was the misunderstood traits of parents. Children especially boys tend to go together with their mothers on female activities such as, shopping, going to salon, putting on make-up, etc. This made them think that this is a normal trait for every person which gave them the reason to use them too when they become adults. This commonly arises on families with one parent left to guide their children. Cases such as one parent working abroad or away from home, or one parent who is always out of the house to share activities with their children.

Social contribution is another factor. It has been studied that children who attend to exclusive schools tend to become confused with their sexuality. Absence of the opposite sex made them explore the possibility of making themselves different from the others. This leads them to practice the opposite traits to get away from the normal traits of the gender that they were supposed to be with. In many Native American tribal societies, it was not uncommon for some men to live as women and some women to live as men.

Third Sex Essay Example

In this land, the original America, men who wore women’s clothes and did women’s work became artists, ambassadors, and religious leaders, and women sometimes became warriors, hunters, and even chiefs. Individuals who combine male and female social roles with traits unique to their status as a third gender have been documented in over 150 North American tribes. Another cause recorded that leads to an addition to the population of third sex is the wrong surgical decision made in some parts of the world.

Medical Surgeries done in some babies who doesn’t have clear distinction on genital organ made the surgeons provide a clearer view on which gender will the baby belong. With this, cases showed that there are decision which did not approve the hormones of the babies when they grew up. Some babies decided to become females provided much testosterone that later on proved to suppose to be a male. II – EFFECTS OF THIRD SEX In the Philippines, acceptance on the third gender has started to evolve. Though incompletely, the communities now are used to third gender whether formal or cross dressers. In public places, no third gender rest rooms has

been provided as this may cause confusion and disorganized provision for the regular male, female, gay and lesbian. Documentation problem is another consideration. People tend to make confusion on the photos provided on legal documents such as, passport, identification cards or clearance since the Philippines hasn’t approved the change in gender status in the birth certificate. In the emotional side of the person, confusion and acceptance is the primary consideration. Family acceptance for once has been the primary contributor to the behavior of the person, usually leads to depression and maltreatment among others.

 As a Christian country, no laws pertaining to third sex has been documented in the Philippines aside from the human equality with regards to discrimination on the usage of facilities provided for every person. Though members from the LGBT (Lesbin, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organization) pushed the legality of Same Sex Marriage, the Catholic Church did not approve the provision as it defeats the natural and divine law which dictates that marriage is a sacrament done between a man and a woman.

Not to mention that the Constitution of the Philippines and the Family Code of the Philippines does not provide concrete stand on the same sex marriage. Possibility on this matter might happen only if the current constitution will be amended. This is a different case in the United States of America by which it has been approved that marriage for the same sex is legal. Though there has been cases in the early years that same sex marriage already occurred though not legally recognized by the government.

Germany on the other hand has become Europe’s first country to introduce a third gender by allowing babies born with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female. The new law gives parents an option of leaving gender section blank on birth certificate, creating a category in public register for indeterminate sex. The move is aimed at preventing parents from making a hasty decision about contoversial sex assignment surgeries for newborns, but critics say the law does not go far enough.

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