Third World Immigration

My parents came from the third world country of Haiti and have made the best of their opportunity here in this country. My father is a police officer and he protects the streets even though he is not exactly from these streets. When he goes to work his job is to protect and serve. He is working as a police officer because this country gave him the opportunity to go to school, graduate from an institution, allow him to find a job and provide for his family. My mom is a lab technician and she is in school to become a nurse because she has the opportunity to.

My parents tell me all the time to make the most of this opportunity I have by being born in this country. Being a born citizen of this country I did not have to apply for residency, green card or any of that stuff. When immigrants come to America they do not come to be on vacation they come to better themselves. They impact the country for the better because they vote, pay taxes, and add to the idea of being an American. There are people from these third world countries that are politicians, teachers, mayors, and even celebrities.

The people from these countries have to struggle sometimes when they first arrive in this country they take on jobs people usually turn down because they fill it is beneath them. So sometimes they have to take s jobs at a low pay rate is bad they do jobs regular Americans will not do. If it was not for that companies would just export more jobs out of the United States but immigrants taking them helps out. When immigrants bring customs from their native country it just adds on to the appeal and diversity in America. We celebrate Spanish Heritage month, Cinco de Mayo, Haitian Flag Day, St. Patrick day etc. n America even people with no ties to these holidays partake in these celebrations. America is truly a melting pot for different cultures. Immigrants have helped since the birth of this nation. From the pilgrims who were the first immigrants, slaves from Africa who helped the southern part of the U. S. to flourish agriculturally, to the Asians that helped build railroads to bridge the east and west coast of this country. We should not think that immigrants are a threat to America’s way of life. They are people too just trying to make it in this country like everybody else they just had to travel from a foreign nation to do it.

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